About me I guess..


I am Oreo lvl99.
Nice to meet you.

I've been on gaia since 07. I've changed accounts for reasons. My original is Oreao.

I've started my own little charity. It's not fancy or anything but never the less, I'm looking to donate to people. If you'd like to help out in any way, let me know by commenting or PM.
emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif A Charity of a Sort emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif
Click the link!

I enjoy donating. I own most of the items I'll ever want.
Plus, making someone's gaia life just a tiny bit better is nice. I donate on free will, not when someone asks me. So please don't.

My best friend is BrigmoreWitch. She's hilarious, and always tries make me jealous by having better outfits.

I'm a decent person, and I like to make friends. If you'd like to stop by to say Hello then please feel free to do so.

I don't usually reply to PM's. It's not that I don't like them, I just simply forget. Best to comment if you want to get a hold of me.

I like: Music and video games.
I don't like: Random friend requests and rude people.

Well, if you'd like to know more, just ask. Well, whoever is reading this, I hope things are going well for you.

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DarknessOMNI Report | 03/24/2015 8:35 pm
Aeris Dysnomia Report | 02/25/2015 11:38 am
Aeris Dysnomia

You're very welcome! <3
Aw, it's no problem ;D
I am, thanks. I hope you are too!
How've you been? Did you have a good V-day? ^ u ^

Royal Soda Report | 02/21/2015 9:01 pm
Royal Soda

I'm almost three months late to replying to you, I'm sorry. D:
I'm kinda sorta always on hiatus.
Belated congrats on your best buy job!

I wanted the Destiny PS4 bundle really bad but my brother and I didn't have enough money and when we finally had enough, the last one that we knew of was gone. D:

I like all kinda of games~
I have all of the systems except for the 360, One and Wii-U.
I actually sold my Wii a little while ago.
I'm big on my PS3 and soon PS4.
I just started playing stuff again.
I was in the middle of Borderlands 2 with my broski and we just got the DLC missions. o:

Again I'm really sorry for the late reply, orzzz.

kenshin.no.go Report | 01/16/2015 11:15 am
Thanks for the donation! heart
Aeris Dysnomia Report | 01/10/2015 5:56 pm
Aeris Dysnomia

Sorry for late reply T u T
Been a little busy.

Aw, thanks!
I've been trying to make more avatars.
I really like the black/pink one I made.
Then again, I love my Cat hat too xD

Right now I'm eating some lunch.
My Charity picked up again ^ u ^
I just sent my first Starter kit out.. woot!
No one's taken advantage of it before T u T;

I might take another nap.. I'm feeling very tired..
My BF wants to schedule me a doctor's appointment.
I haven't been to one since I was 16.. and that wasn't even a check up.
I might have something wrong but I'm hoping for the best.

Lidreana Report | 01/09/2015 11:16 am
Haha thank you! I know what you mean :3
Been trying out some new items and having a lot of fun (:
Lidreana Report | 01/06/2015 12:47 am
It's a nice thread :3
I'm just so bad at responding and posting in forum threads ;_;
Aeris Dysnomia Report | 01/05/2015 11:01 pm
Aeris Dysnomia

You're very welcome! heart

I have closer to 3k items.. Lots in my storage.
I hoard.. so much T u T

I sometimes let people take pics of me T u T
I actually need a more updated photo of myself.
My current one is like.. two years old.

Lidreana Report | 01/05/2015 9:37 pm
Haha nooooo you don't have to do that :3
My quest is so far away I'm content with just getting to it slowly xD;
Other people need the gold more ^_^
Alexander Magne Report | 01/05/2015 9:13 pm
Alexander Magne
Thank you! c:

A bit of music

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