About me I guess..


I am Oreo lvl99.
Nice to meet you.

I've been on gaia since 07. I've changed accounts for reasons. My original is Oreao.

I've started my own little charity. It's not fancy or anything but never the less, I'm looking to donate to people. If you'd like to help out in any way, let me know by commenting or PM.
emotion_bigheart A Charity of a Sort emotion_bigheart
Click the link!

I enjoy donating. I own most of the items I'll ever want.
Plus, making someone's gaia life just a tiny bit better is nice. I donate on free will, not when someone asks me. So please don't.

My best friend is BrigmoreWitch. She's hilarious, and always tries make me jealous by having better outfits.

I'm a decent person, and I like to make friends. If you'd like to stop by to say Hello then please feel free to do so.

I don't usually reply to PM's. It's not that I don't like them, I just simply forget. Best to comment if you want to get a hold of me.

I like: Music and video games.
I don't like: Random friend requests and rude people.

Well, if you'd like to know more, just ask. Well, whoever is reading this, I hope things are going well for you.

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mherie on 03/24/2017
THE WlZZ on 03/22/2017

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BrigmoreWitch Report | 02/25/2017 2:28 pm
cool avi
GodKing Meruem Report | 02/06/2017 12:11 pm
GodKing Meruem
Thank you. I don't get online that much so I was very surprise to find a comment smile
Sinata The Ragamuffin Report | 01/19/2017 2:58 pm
Sinata The Ragamuffin
Oh no no, Lake Kindred here on gaia C:

Ive had my cat soon 2 years i believe? i know him before since it was my grandma's sisters cat before...His name is Fenix and he will become 9 years old, you can see picture of him on his account i made for him...named Fenix The Ragdoll...XD

Cats are really sweet animals, many believe that " they take care of themselves" often or "can be alone for days" which is ofcourse wrong.
Like dogs and other animals they need companionship, yes they come and go when they want to but that does not mean they are not loving.

Unlike dogs cats are 100% carnivore and that means they need only meat, if you are going to get some food make sure it has no vegetables in it since it will just make them take longer to digest it all, which aint good here.

There are people out there who think you can Declaw the cat just to save some furniture or kids, dont declaw since it can make your cat really miserable, get a clawing post instead.

If the cat should start to use the bathroom on unwanted places, your cat may be displeased with something, try change the litter in the litterbox, sometimes they can be really picky about it.

I also recommend as a new cat owner you get a older cat and not a kitten as a first try, since they are harder to deal with, older cats tend to be "finished" in how they behave after growing up meanwhile kittens develops = more work.

Dont get discouraged with having the cat indoors (especially breed cats, some breeds like Ragdolls or Ragamuffin dont have any survival instincts so its a bad idea), cats are often better with living inside rather being outside, if you really want to have a outdoor cat spray/neuter it so that no unwanted kittens appears...you can also make a fenced area that is connected to the house aswell.

Its always better to adopt a cat from shelter then buying from shops or adopting from someone unorganized...if you really want a cat breed look up proffesional breeders.

Because you said you want something active, i would recommend you a Domesticated cat (no breed) and if you want a breed maybe a Bengal would suit you, since they are really active (also very cool looking, love their eyes!<3) or just a Ragdoll, they are fluffy clouds who are superloving, easy to groom even tho they are fluffy, always blue eyes if you prefer that...but they are not active!

Overall cats are amazing, has really cool personalities (which often differs from cat to cat!), cute, loving and superfunny, often low care depending on what kind you get c:
OH and if you get a male kitten, beware he may use you as his brawling buddy no matter what you say, unless you have another animal taking that spot~ XD
Just tell me if you want me to look up more about some breeds and so on c:
Sinata The Ragamuffin Report | 01/17/2017 3:27 am
Sinata The Ragamuffin
Oh congratulations!
I tend to only change avis until at some point i get more intrested again in the site...as right now im playing alot of Kindred to earn stuff, takes a long time but its worth it....i think ; v ;
I live with my Boyfriend and my Cat in a apartment, its really cozy~
How was it to have birds?
Have you been thinking about what kind of cat you are looking for? something more relaxed or something more active? c:
Sinata The Ragamuffin Report | 01/15/2017 5:56 am
Sinata The Ragamuffin
Wow thank you! yum_puddi
I really like your avatar too, also long time since we had a chat~ emotion_bigheart
BrigmoreWitch Report | 12/21/2016 12:51 pm
Right back at you mang :^0

You look like you gonna be getting a speech from Naruto but you ain't gon be listening cause you don't read and you gonna go off and have your own anime adventures.
BrigmoreWitch Report | 11/28/2016 7:45 am
Thanks mang. I'm trying to not let the different shades of black get to me cause i do love it. It's just -clenches fists- everything must match.

But I see you looking like an avi from the golden years of this website. Back when s**t was simpler and a million gold made you a somebody.
BrigmoreWitch Report | 07/26/2016 2:26 am
bruh you looking fresh2death
Maiyo-tan Report | 07/24/2016 9:40 pm
im tamales~ extra spicy <3
BrigmoreWitch Report | 05/17/2016 1:57 am
I sees its, I sees it. :'^0 it's dope bruh

A bit of music