About me I guess..


I am Oreo lvl99.
Nice to meet you.

I've been on gaia since 07. I've changed accounts for reasons. My original is Oreao.

I've started my own little charity. It's not fancy or anything but never the less, I'm looking to donate to people. If you'd like to help out in any way, let me know by commenting or PM.
emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif A Charity of a Sort emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif
Click the link!

I enjoy donating. I own most of the items I'll ever want.
Plus, making someone's gaia life just a tiny bit better is nice. I donate on free will, not when someone asks me. So please don't.

My best friend is BrigmoreWitch. She's hilarious, and always tries make me jealous by having better outfits.

I'm a decent person, and I like to make friends. If you'd like to stop by to say Hello then please feel free to do so.

I don't usually reply to PM's. It's not that I don't like them, I just simply forget. Best to comment if you want to get a hold of me.

I like: Music and video games.
I don't like: Random friend requests and rude people.

Well, if you'd like to know more, just ask. Well, whoever is reading this, I hope things are going well for you.

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Kawaii Desu Senpaii on 11/25/2015

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BrigmoreWitch Report | 11/18/2015 7:58 pm
I had dickhead cousins who use to pause the shizz when he came on cause i use to close my eyes and then wait and tell me it's over only for me to open my eyes and our boi looking me dead in the eye >:^0 and them niggas wonder why i dun ******** with them

I would pretend like it wouldn't even exist lol
<____< Bro I didn't. Like the elder gods called that n***a shinnok once in the entire movie
I played deception bro. The story mode was my s**t even tho i didn't care for shinjinko. i remember ermac being a b***h to master >:^[
/looks up shinnok
But bruh i swear if I would've saw shinnok confirmed to be raiden's and shao kahn's dad in canon i would've started drinking and rethinking my life.
Aeris Dysnomia Report | 11/18/2015 3:49 am
Aeris Dysnomia

Oreo! How've you been?
It's been too long *hugs*
BrigmoreWitch Report | 11/13/2015 10:45 pm
I feel it bruh. I dun go in the chat forums most of the time.

Well I certainly feel bad for ever being scared of Baraka. It just doesn't make sense mang like if you know the lore it's like ???????? I know that's serious money but if I was the creator idk if I could see my s**t get put on screen like that....even tho mk is overly complicated but still. If I made a mk movie I wouldn't explain s**t tbh.

Like I was hype especially cause going in I knew it would be lame. <_< I never realize all these characters they chucked in doing nothing like Subzero. My boi had me dying from how he glided in omg. Bruh did you know that the elder god dad was suppose to be Shinnok??!?! <____< All the times I witched it over the years, that never occured to me bruh.
BrigmoreWitch Report | 11/13/2015 2:07 pm
nah bruh i need glasses. ain't nobody see that small shizzz

yeah i get it even the avi builder thing they made to combat tektek(?) doesn't work so it's like lol what's the pissing point.

bruh they got mk:annihilation on netflix and i watched it. U_U it did not age well. so lame but i was hyped for the lameness.
BrigmoreWitch Report | 11/11/2015 8:47 pm
bruh but what if i'm thirsty?
page 543 of the homie code states no homie shalt be parched in thy household.
and page 574 states that homies recycle so i would leave the bottle there for you bruh to reduce the carbon footprint bruh.

you look mad royal bruh, i love it.
BrigmoreWitch Report | 11/11/2015 6:56 pm
bruh like wtf you talking about?

-drinks all yo snapple and leaves the empty bottles in yo fridge-

like bro i'm just being me :^D
BrigmoreWitch Report | 11/09/2015 7:55 pm
-smears my cheeto dust crust fingers on your new nikes-
idk what you talking about bruh :^0
BrigmoreWitch Report | 11/07/2015 5:12 pm
-chomps on funyuns and blows my garlic breath on yo profile-

demerr Report | 10/28/2015 9:17 am
Hello there ! ^_~ I saw this comment on the profile of 2 years ago, I must say that I want to thank you for the comment! I really appreciate it when people send a comment in that way ! heart

To be honest I don't miss Gaiaonline anymore, I got a life. Being 24 all of the sudden.. and yes, grown-up etc.
So it will be a small chance to see me here occasionally. Maybe once a year or two years. ???

Anyways, be good~ heart Demerr~
Aeris Dysnomia Report | 08/15/2015 3:33 pm
Aeris Dysnomia
Hi, Oreo!

I've been good thank you.

Aw thanks!
You always have awesome avatars too!

I've missed you <3

A bit of music