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About me, ze~!


Hm? about me huh....

Well , I'm Kirisame Marisa the Ordinary Magician, Owner of Kirisame Magic shop and Part time Yokai hunter, I use a little something called a Hakkero to use some of my trademark ( not really ) Spellcards , one of which is the Masterspark smilies/icon_wink.gif

Sometimes I go around places and "Borrow" stuff and take whatever catches my eyes.

That's all the info I can disclose for you ze~

To those who are unaware , Kirisame Marisa is a character from a danmaku game called "Touhou Project" which was made by ZUN and team Shanghai Alice


Name:Randito Karl Joshua Dacanay II R.

Nickname: Takara, Taka , Taka-Baka (Eugh), Mari

Age: I'm Seventeen.

Height: 5"9

Gender: Don't s**t a brick but I'm a DUDE

Country: Philippines.

[Random crap that could ruin your image of me. (if that's still possible)]

> I usually ******** around with stuff I'm not supposed to like knives, firearms and munitions and I play games like everybody else.

> I dunno but I guess you can call me a weeb? whatev don't care~

> I am taking Forensic Science because I am a disgusting human being.

> I'm a Touhou fan. (Obviously)

> Extreme gun nut.

> I am an introvert.

> I cosplay a little

> I love apples with french dressing on em.

> Did I mention I'm a Guy ?

> I chug vinegar cause I love that crap.

> I'm Homeless (at least for now that is.)

> I have this condition that maaaaay kill me one of these days.

> I'm funnel chested


> Taken and I love my girlfriend to bits~

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Magus Night~!


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