Hello I'm Orchid, I'm a student living in the UK. I study, Biological Science, Chemistry, Psychology and Art. I also work for Samsung. I have been on Gaia since 2011 and I hoard items!

I have a very short attention span and I'm easily distracted so it may seem that I am difficult to converse with at first. I tend to wander off when online so I'm more than likely AFK when you see me.

I like to quest and I love to draw art, so feel free to PM me if you'er urging for a doodle.

I have an odd taste in music, there is quite a wide variety that I listen to, my favourite musicians would be 'The Front Bottoms', 'PEARS', 'Royal Blood', 'Daisyhead', 'Tigers Jaw' and more, if you're curious, feel free to ask!

I like to watch anime when I have the time, my favourites include 'Haibane Renmei', 'Psycho Pass', 'Attack on Titan', 'Black Rock Shooter, 'Paranoia Agent' and 'Blue Exorcist'.


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