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Hello and welcome to OoO Hello OoO!

Name: is up to you.
Age: 20 although with my grammar it seems you writing to a 8 year old.

I am type person that will leave Gaia few months then come back just to refresh my battery shall we say . I love random PMS and friend request . just don't be d**k !

Things I like:
* manga /anime
*anime pic
* singing
* trying make people happy
* my friends :3
* love my Gaia bff although
* video games
* making new friends
*being immature
* LBGT ( I thinks everyone should accept people for who they are!)
* a lot more just like ...yep
$ rude people
$ people who just want my gaia gold
$ people who are racist
$ people who hat LGBT
$ people who way into themself
$ hate when people flirt with me
$ people that pressure me show them me
That summons it up ! Oh one more thing
Two people onny friendlist been with my long long long long time are my bff .. They are
*harry bo barry
Hurt any then I swear you'll regret it. They been with my a** for long long long time.
Amazing AVI artbhope stills wks ><
Art Freebie [/quote]


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