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✿ฺ . Jenny . ✿ฺ . 22 . ✿ฺ . Norwegian/Filipina . ✿ฺ . INFP . ✿ฺ . Taken . ✿ฺ . Aries . ✿ฺ

I live in the most beautiful and peaceful country known as Norway. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.
But I was born in the Philippines, User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show. my homecountry. It's the most beautiful and fun exotic place on earth.
My favorite colors are, skyblue, babypink, white & black.
I have diamond/crystal as my birthstone. The most favorite numbers of all times are,
4, 2 and 1, 7 and the last is number 9.
I like even numbers, because somehow I feel odd numbers are lonely.
I like it when they are in pair, but I actually don't have anything against odd numbers.
Maybe, the numbers feels like third-wheel? *thinks out loud*
The type of music 🎵 that I really like are the instrumental ones, mostly piano.
I love poetry, especially Shakespears'. I used to compose songs with my younger sibling and played in a band.
I adore mind games, such a chess, sudoku and solving puzzles.
A wonderful reminder to you since my dear friend often told this to me before and it made me feel better,
"SMILE! you dont own all the problems in the world! some of them are MINE ^_^".

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My Best friend (Pal) for 8 years, wubs u pangit!
'Ken lee widawchu' smilies/icon_4laugh.gif
'Tree of Savior Warriors'

There's nothing in this world that can separate us.

Like freally! smilies/icon_blaugh.gif Let's say that we started off as strangers, later turns to enemies. smilies/icon_scream.gif
And along the way we end up having truce (constantly waving the white flag to have peace!) smilies/icon_rofl.gif so that's how we became friends and it upgraded to being 'pals', and now for sure it's safe to say that we're more than special friends, we're super special like 'Bonnie and Clyde'. smilies/icon_4laugh.gif Partners in Crime hahha joking! smilies/dramallama.gif

Or am I? smilies/icon_cool.gif He knows me well enough to even tolerate me, and we never really argued. So no drama stuff smilies/icon_lol.gif. Though, there has been many discussions about making the right decisions. The deal was that it has to partake into agreement and yeah of course the other party has to be supportive all the way to skies yo~! (no limit ba?! xD). That's when I realize how pal duties came in handy. ^_^ It's like we watch each others back, front....yeah and also sideways and from top and to ...uhhm... bottom? smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif

We made tons of promises, but most of them I can't even remember. smilies/icon_rofl.gif
And one of them was to remember his birthday smilies/icon_whee.gif But I can't tell you how much I tried to remember it and I even had to guess which day it was. smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif
dun..dun..dun..! >_< Do you see this bukol on my head~? smilies/icon_crying.gif It because of him! *points* pulis get him! smilies/icon_ninja.gif smilies/wahmbulance.gif
Now, I know smilies/icon_rolleyes.gif for suuuure...! Laugh all you want but I feel like I have a memory of a gold fish no wait like 'Dory from Nemo'? smilies/icon_rofl.gif

Wonder why we started being close? emotion_smilies/icon_awesomeface.gif well....
It's because we like to beat each others crap everyday. smilies/burning_eyes.gif Like, freally! emotion_smilies/icon_donotwant.png
It gives us motivation to find new ways to get revenge.
Fooling around like Tom and Jerry, emotion_smilies/icon_donotwant.png and chasing each other was a bit challenging but super fun at the same time... So having these endless laughter with emotion_smilies/icon_yatta.gif my Pal, starting from dawn till midnight, made us realise how attached we we're to each other. Like we never really know when to stop. He can't resist my awesome powers! smilies/icon_rofl.gif That loser! smilies/icon_mrgreen.gif hahahha..

smilies/icon_redface.gif Massive explosion of feelings that glued together till that we finally noticed one day we grew fond of each other. emotion_smilies/icon_hug.png
Like, we couldn't get enough of each other, that's mainly how we got close.
This Love-Hate relationship grew out more and more, year by year. smilies/icon_whee.gif
Even though we stopped contacting each other once in a while, because we had to priorities thing's in real life, but it never stops us trying to reach out whenever we can.

Message to pal!

Hey yo~! smilies/icon_mrgreen.gif

I‘ll stay as long as you will have me pal. smilies/icon_4laugh.gif
And I’ll follow if you want to lead. smilies/icon_xd.gif
And we'll share great memories together. So don't you dare forget them, lol!
Wherever you take me, home I will be. smilies/icon_3nodding.gif
You belong to me, and that's that smilies/icon_rofl.gif (no need for explaining).
And I belong to you, and I've got nothing to complain about.
...>_< ur mine! mohahahaha! emotion_smilies/icon_brofist.gif SUCKAAAA!! emotion_smilies/icon_omnomnom.gif

pal open this!

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Active user since 2007.
I used to hangout here a lot, and made tons of friends.
Sadly, everyone had to leave and now, I'm just stuck here mostly by myself.
Wondering if they would come back, so that we can do more fun stuff together again.

Just *plip!* me and approach me, I won't bite.
I am probably the most sweetest person you'll ever know. Feel free to get to know me better.
I might be seen as a timid person, in my defense I would just wait for the 'go signal' and speak up,
or sometimes like out of the blue (spontaneously!),
I would just be blunt about it and approach you like a happy puppy wagging his tail up and has sparkles on both of it's eyes! Yeys! emotion_smilies/icon_kirakira.gif

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

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*potato buddies*


Have a blessed day! ^_^

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" Excuse me, while I go be Awesome"
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(-^-^-) Jenny's Super Duper Awesome Journal

Sharing all my thoughts here...but mostly just random stuffs!; ʕ ·ᴥ·ʔ ♥


I could tell you all about myself only if you want me to!



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Report | 10/03/2016 8:27 am


hindi na ako tumatambay nagkataon lang na nag log in ako dahil na curious lang hahahaha

Report | 09/26/2016 3:09 pm


ok naman! lagi lang tambay kasama mga kaibigan ko.

Eh ikaw, kamusta ka jan?

Report | 09/23/2016 2:09 am


like my status, uneventful crying but it's fine I did hang out with my friend as usual

Report | 09/19/2016 5:31 pm


Thanks! I just felt like logging in and read all the comments on my profile hahaha

Report | 08/23/2016 6:45 pm


Hey Charm okay naman ako enjoy lang.. Salamat..

Ikaw nagol ka ata? Tagal mo na di nagool.. =]

Report | 08/23/2016 3:00 pm


No problem c:
I'm glad you like it emotion_bigheart

Report | 07/27/2016 4:27 pm


HAHAHAHA ikaw pa rin ang dating Charm na nakilala ko... 3nodding
Okay naman actually nagaaral ako ulit at mukhang maganda naman mga resulta..
Ikaw kamusta ka? Tagal ko nang walang balita sa'yo.. emotion_c8

Report | 07/24/2016 12:19 pm


Notice me senpai!!!!

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Report | 07/23/2016 7:16 pm


yung dati mo pa rin bang account na charming sunshine yung ginagamit mo? sa FB?

ganda mo! hahahaha nice

Report | 07/23/2016 7:14 pm


nah halos one year din ako di nakapag open ng account ko na to, pero may isang kaibigan ako na nagoopen nito..

ayos pala nagtatrabaho kana.. nasa Pilipinas kaba ngayon? dito ka nagwowork?

Syempre naman naalala pa kita e isa ka sa maganda na kaibigan ko! HAHAHAHA

di joke lang what i mean is isa ka sa close ko noon sa mga galaan, bonding, etc...


🎀 ~ 🌸 ~ The Awesome One ~ 🌸 ~ 🎀

🌸 ~ i hope you always find a reason to smile ~ 🌸
~Under the cherry blossom tree with my lovey-dovey~

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