.~.~. Welcome .~.~.

Username: oOMissSweetheartOo

Name: I go by many but you may just call me Sarina, or Rin for short :3

Birthday: September 21st

Favourite Color(s): Pastel colours, Violet and White.

Likes: Anime/Manga, Sanrio, Disney/Pixar, Square Enix, Drawing, Music, TV/Computer/Video Games, PLUSHIES, Friends/Family, Sweets/Baking

Dislikes: Meanies, When others are upset, Some bugs, Public Speaking

Random Friend/ Donate Gold Requests
Although I may sometimes act random, receiving random "donate gold" requests CAN get a little annoying, so please, could we avoid that...thanks (:

As for random friend requests, if I have NEVER spoken to you in my Gaia life, chances are that if you send a friend request, I will reject it. So if you REALLY want to be my friend for some reason (haha) just PM me so we can get to know each other!!

IN EDITING. GaiaOnline, it's been a while and I've missed this website and community. Life and school have definitely separated us but I plan to hopefully get back into the swing of things on here. I forgot how much joy this site has given and hope to visit more frequently.

Updated: Wednesday September 28th, 2016

Feeling ~ Nostalgic (It's been a while Gaia, but I've truly missed you)
Creating ~ Interior Design related things, a thesis... Oh the joys of university.
Love ~ Getting back into the swing of this website
Listening To ~ Whatever plays on Apple Music Radio
Playing ~ Nothing currently ):
Reading ~ Towards a New Interior: An Anthology of Interior Design Theory (aka my theory "textbook," aka the bane of my existance.
Obsessing Over ~ Nothing quite yet...

.~.~. Enjoy my Profile, courtesy of Tektek (does that website even exist anymore?) & the lovely person that made it! .~.~.

P.S. FOR ANYONE WHO WANT INKS: I have absolutely NO USE for them. So, if you'd like to buy some off of me, I'd REALLY appreciate it (:

To see what and how many inks I have, refer to the "view store" link above. Thank you <3


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Thank you for buying

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yum_puddi Your Welcome yum_puddi

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your welcome
Super G_a_i_a

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Super G_a_i_a

Ooh! That's exciting! You'll do great. C:
Just one more year for me! xD
Super G_a_i_a

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Super G_a_i_a

Omg, that's right! You're graduating! Which university are you going to attend? As for me, life's been busy, too. I have a hard semester, and AP art has been keeping me on edge. xD
Super G_a_i_a

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Super G_a_i_a

Haha, I kinda steered away from Gaia for a while. But I came back out of curiousity. Might log on more frequently. xD
And thank you! I'll tell her that the next time I talk to her. How've you been? What's new?
Super G_a_i_a

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Super G_a_i_a

Hi, it's Sharmel. ;D
strange mortal

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strange mortal

your welcome.. ^^
The G0ldfish

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The G0ldfish

No prob. :3
M i t s u k i_1O

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M i t s u k i_1O

really? (:
awsuum :3
Awyeee. xD