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Art by GioHawkins ^.^



A quick intro =(^.^)=

My name is Fiona, living in the Netherlands (Europe).
Like being a person with a wide range of interests and hobby's,
including drawing/painting and traveling, <3 exploring the world.

Enjoy movies and Japanese anime series !!
Music favorites are found in Alternate, indie rock/britpop, electric, trance to hardstyle.

Thanks for visiting &

LuckyTV: Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton "Time of my Life"


Tapping <3
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shellsmachine Report | 08/22/2016 7:25 pm
Love-love-LOVE your sea monkey avatar!!! heart heart heart heart heart
Darkerdemons Report | 07/15/2016 4:57 pm
o.o What's this I hear about rats and bats? Sounded like Pokemon for a moment, but it could be more serious.
aboriginal_kumquat Report | 06/17/2016 9:15 am
That's so exciting! whee Enjoy yourself and, I look forward to hearing (seeing) all about your visit. biggrin
Darkerdemons Report | 06/17/2016 8:59 am
heart I've been updating my watch list and wanted to let you know that you are will always be on my watch list since you are the first poster on page 3 of my thread!
Darkerdemons Report | 05/29/2016 2:46 pm
biggrin Thank you, fiona for the best wishes and profile comment! I found the profile on Gaia Tools (post website makeover).

Love the ninja image! Too bad the shorts had to be photo-shopped in, lol.
kins_ferr Report | 04/27/2016 11:06 am
hey dear , how are you? yeah f.of north star in eu and us. you should read the comic illustration if you like the anime. the manga is a lot better by far.
you sound like you like new age music a lot with a punk touch. btw you make me lol when you say your desk is fill with new cd who am I to talk since my desktop is filled with arts, pixel included, a real mess I tell you, because I'm the type who always keep my desktop tidy no shortcut whatsoever. I recall you really love doing arts I haven't been honored to see a lot of your works but I saw some which I can tell there was a lot of passion in it. I do feel sorry to hear that you have problem holding a pencil but you can always move to digital art. you can be creative even with image editing where you don't need a graphics tablet and you can start with mcsft paint or gimp. it will be a great advantage for you since you are familiar with paintings all you need is to get used with the software you use for digital art. photography is great too, you can also edit your own photo. I'm curious to know what you did snap I hope its nothing about HAARP or whatsoever related to it. bah, when you talk about pixel and isometric its related to 2D and perspective. that's said it must be either architecture design or game design. I will send you a pm .
kins_ferr Report | 04/25/2016 1:56 pm
namida no kawa
kins_ferr Report | 04/25/2016 1:53 pm
ps the jap song is it from Naruto? I cant remember when was the last time I watch Naruto .. my anime love as you may have guess are HNK ( I prefer the manga where the illustrations are neat ) and City hunter. I also love harlock, I simply love this character. on Manga my favorite is HnKen and Berserk. I liked one piece but not anymore I notice a change ever since funimation name appeared along with tv show and personally i think they ruin it. I prefer the original Bandai. its boring the way they have now add fillers in the main plots. if you watch one piece , I don't understand how could that dress rosa arc go on and on for years. when you watch the anime you have to skip halfway through. you may be lucky to get 4 or 5 released monthly but if you compress these animations to a good piece you will notice that its only one episode per month. I prefer the old days. best arc was water 7. at least we still have fairy tails wink
kins_ferr Report | 04/25/2016 1:14 pm
hello Fiona how are you dear ? sorry I could not get on gaia earlier. but I will always steal a little moment on this busy long journey to catch words from you. I'm so happy that you left me plenty that I could read smile on my side life is good. talking about Japanese music try looking for songs from mina muse. My favorite anime music are from city hunter best collection and hokuto no ken premium best see if he does have the albums you may like it. Fiona are you still doing art ? see I got my hands on a little project but I suck on pixel arts. therefore I am learning xD that is how pixel arts has now become a new hobby of mine lol! I have u2 since i was little. I play some of their song on guitar I use the G chord and sing in acoustic. jeff buckley on the other hand is a bit complicated to play which requires more time to work on his songs. i know he use power chords but when i try some chords are not ringing well into my ears i am not sure how he tune his guitar. i also get some tabs on lick by neck, i love this website and they are pretty accurate on tabs. however they don't have many songs of jeff. i like his versions of bob dylans song. i generally prefer dylans songs in its original version but buckley did a great job when he performed dylans songs. the only song i can play well from jeff is forget her in A I think a sus 7 or Am5 anyway you just add B note in the A maj you'll get it right. hey thanks for these links laura has a nice peaceful voice. the video is fun too. politicians has ruin this type of animation for me. i really like the idea of the big head and chibby looks which render a funny scene but some politicians often advertised their campaign a lot with that type of graphics animation and it ruins it. Keaton sounds a bit like james blunt but mixing up radio head style ( what i mean by radio head style is a unique genre ) i love radio head. recently i been listening to some reggae music. manu chao and ub 40. honestly i think music knows no bounderies i cant think of a world without music even deaf people can experience music in our modern age.

i cant tell you why i love manu is it because i love natives or is it because as always manu knows what he says.

either way i do feel a real bond in his music.

this is a song he played with dezir very nice track and lyrics is well written. and lastly here the british best

a song , you know its meaning if you are the type to love only once in your life
and another if you are philosophy side of life

this one brings sunshine smile

have a nice week hugs!
Shadey Kitty Report | 04/09/2016 6:21 am
Shadey Kitty
Oh wow! I hope that you have a wonderful time and come back to us safe N sound biggrin

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