"I dream in darkness, I sleep to die, erase the silence, erase my life, our burning ashes blacken the day, a world of nothingness, blow me away."

3/22/2013 - PM me if you want, otherwise I'm just passing through here occasionally. I might just quit this site.

Hey! Umm, my name is Chelsea and I'm 21. However I do not like to drink that much. I had my one fun day that involved a good deal of mario kart and the new CoD, so now I'm done. Vodka is good though. I love lots of J-rock, German, French, screamo, or hard rock music and occasionally blasting it till I can't hear my own thoughts. I love languages. I've taken two years of French, five years of Spanish, and two years of German. I'm teaching myself Persian now and then I want to conquer Arabic and Russian next. I'm currently going through my 4th year of college for a degree in criminal justice.

I am considered a relatively quiet person because I choose to observe people rather than act. I usually won't talk to you unless you talk to me first, cause I'm just antisocial like that. But I love to talk with people if they are interesting enough and will actually talk back and carry on a conversation. I will rarely, if ever, curse and I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't curse around me. If my shy, permissive personality bothers you then feel free to leave me alone.

I originally joined gaia back in 2006 when there were actually decent people here and gold wasn't so easy to get. I just changed over from my old account and am looking for a fresh start. I'm not looking to make a bunch of friends, just trying to find something to distract myself from dark places and fill the hole. I will never RP or join a guild unless it is very active, interesting, and has a pretty decent amount of members = (a lot). If you ever get me to join any kind of social activity consider yourself to be a miracle worker. And if I ignore you, don't feel hurt, just simply move on with your life.

You can usually find me bumping around the forums or my DeviantArt HERE

I'm also on FictionPress HERE.

*Screamo/ J-Rock/ German/ French music
*Riding horses (dressage)
*Fantasy/ Action/ Horror movies or books
*Video games......well I try smilies/icon_whee.gif

*Anything bright (people, places, colors, ect.)
*Most people
*Loud noises
*Physical contact
*Small spaces
*People begging for items/ donations (NOOBS, STAY AWAY FORM ME!!!!!!!) I only donate to friends.

Addicted To:

I will NEVER accept a random friend request, so seriously, stop trying people. :/ Just stop. Give up. Nao.
I am open to friend requests, just talk to me first. And one comment or quote isn't enough. Have some common sense people.

WARNING: I have a low tolerance for all the young, stupid, stalkers, annoying, hackerz, noobs, and just plain moronic people out there. I will ignore you.


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Thanks so much for helping me with the Megathread achievement! <3
Chibi Kyuuketsuki Neko

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Chibi Kyuuketsuki Neko

okie dokie emotion_c8
Chibi Kyuuketsuki Neko

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Chibi Kyuuketsuki Neko

You can always read my profile about
me and sneek in my diary if you wanna know more about me
Chibi Kyuuketsuki Neko

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Chibi Kyuuketsuki Neko

nice to meet you emotion_kirakira thank you!
Chibi Kyuuketsuki Neko

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Chibi Kyuuketsuki Neko

incase i forgot,
My name is Nami! cat_4laugh
Chibi Kyuuketsuki Neko

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Chibi Kyuuketsuki Neko

awww :3
well ill keep you company!
Chibi Kyuuketsuki Neko

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Chibi Kyuuketsuki Neko

im i your only friend D:>


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