~ Kenny
~ 16 Years Old
~ Asian
~ 5"7
~ My Heart Belongs To Numero Uno On My List - Gea <3

sup faglets,it's Jyselle here again cause you know you guys love me<3 anywhoo i'm doing an updated hack for kenhoe here so yeah. kenhoe isn't my mommy no more; she disowned me lol. oh well who cares we're the best of friends now cx it's all cool. dang it's been one year, two months and six days since we first met! s**t why put up with me for so long kenhoe lol. jkay, it honestly feels like i've known you for a longer time it's unbelievable o; you're still the same as in you're still gay, funny, stupid, nice, stupid, a jerk, the king of jerks and you still have tiny a** eyes. you gotta open them before you hurt yourself lmfbo. i swear this hack comes with a price cause ima try and make this hella long like my d**k ;] tbh i don't remember if we had any insiders but this jerk calls me "jizzelle." isn't that mean?! like wtf what did i do to deserve that T-T i'm too nice<3 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA s**t that's a big ol lie :'D wheeeee i'm cracking myself up rn xD omg i just remembered your height LOL ******** giant right hereeeeee i kid i kid you could be a basketball player or something. you always make fun of me just cause i'm shorter than you v.v you jerk. he also knows too much about me, i should erase your memory but then yet you'll forget about me D; even tho i'm pretty sure you already have forgotten about me BOOHOO. AH YOUR BABY STORIES THO<3 TOO ADORABLE! kenhoe was a cute and wild asian baby back then lmfbo. you ALWAYS know how to crack me up and cheer me up! that's like the only good part about you errythang else is bad. just kidding! idk is this pretty long? haha BEE-DOH BEE-DOH. lol kenhoe kenhoe kenhoe what would i do without you smfh. you're just an ah-may-zing best friend hands down. okay pendejo don't forget about our friend-niversary next year andand you have to remind me >;o kenhoe lives the #YOLUM lyfe that's why he's so odd and crazy lool. ohkay toodle do bitches~ LOOOOOVE JYSELLE<3

Aye Aye Kenny >w> it's me (Im Da Asian) <3
uhmmm..... yeahhh kenny is freaking awesumee 8D
he's funny like da hell , love tha s**t ;D
Just smile everyday yah! ~ that makes your more handsome hihihi ^-^
everyday we have sum awkward conversations xD but that's fine Love it :3
You like* no i mean love* chicken wings the most, and juice x'D And me 8DD hahahaha jk jk '
but aye we love ya :]

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