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100 Days With Mr. Arrogant ★★★★
200 Pounds Beauty ★★★★★
4th Period Mystery ★★★★★
Absolute Boyfriend ★★★★★
April Kiss N/R
A Millionaire's First Love N/R
Atashinchi no Danshi ★★★★★
Attack on the Pin-Up Boys ★★★★
Baby and Me ★★★★★
Bad Family N/R
Banjun theater ★★★★★
Boy's Love ★★★★★
Boys Over Flowers ★★★★★
City Hunter N/R
Coffee Prince ★★★★★
Dating on Earth - ★★★★★
DBSK's Vacation★★★★★
Do Re Mi Fa So La Si Do ★★★★★
Flower Boy Ramen Shop ★★★★★
Golden Bride N/R
Happy Killing ★★★
Heading to the Ground N/R
Hear Me ★★★★★
Heart Strings - ★★★★★
Heaven's Postman - ★★★★★
Hello My Teacher - ep.10
Hello Schoolgirl ★★★★
Hanazakari no kimi tachi e ★★★★★
Honey and Clover - ep.1
Kimi Wa Petto - ★★★★★
Koishite Akuma ★★★★★
Ikemen Desu Ne - ★★★★★
I Like It Hot N/R
I Love You Ten Million Times N/R
Loveholic - ep.4
Marmalade Boy N/R
Miss Ripley - ★★★★
My Love ★★★★★
No Regret N/R
Paradise Ranch - ★★★★★
Personal Preference ★★★★★
Protect The Boss - ★★★★★
S Diary ★★★★
Sea of the Sisters N/R
Secret Garden - ★★★★★
Scent of a Woman N/R
Snow Flower N/R
SungKyunKwan Sandal - ★★★★★
The Naked Kitchen ★★★★★
VirginSnow N/R
Your Beautiful ★★★★★

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Welcome to my profile.

Onii's the name!
Got it remembered?
I'm 20 years young, Taurus year 1996.
I like reading, singing and watching dramas.
Asian music and culture is a part of me.
I listen to DBSK 24/7, so of course I'm biased.
Graduated class 2014.
So far I'm living off of
Mangafox and Funamation.
Anime is my obsession.
Can't live without them~

You may know them as: Dong Bang Shin Ki,
TVXQ, JYJ And Tohoshinki.
There music has filled my heart with joy.
They've worked so hard, It's my duty to support them.
Ever since then, I've never let them go.
They're one of those groups you'll always love.
I just wish I could go to just ONE concert....
But, I'll get my chance!
Never give up!

Can’t you feel my heart
Don’t go away from me
Can’t you see my love, I can’t send you away
I couldn't live alone, I couldn't survive without you
That day I committed myself to you, for a moment it made Me crumble at night

♫ HITT - Good Night Inst.


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