hello friends
my name is lise, im 24
i'm a delicate paroxysm of intrusive thought patterns
and i want to someday be a great poet
im in a relationship atm
i am nb (bisexual demigirl)
they/them pronouns are what i prefer
my favorite game is fire emblem awakening
i could talk about my babies forever. and i will go down with my ship.
it's my goal to someday travel to japan no matter what. maybe france too
i am learning japanese and want to become fully fluent in it one day
et je parle francais un petit peu. je veux l'ameliorer, aide moi si vous voulez

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i love lon'qu 4 life. i wish he existed IRL
i guess cosplay pix are the next best thing

prev. usernames
this acct, i was captorgasm, then french kiwi juice
alts. youcannotredo, Natural Puppy


R.I.P. passengers who perished in the SS Sewol
we will never forget your lasting memory of vibrance and youthfulness.
R.I.P. passengers who perished on Malaysia Airlines
your legacy will live on and your deaths will not be in vain.
R.I.P. those who have been taken by the ongoing Ebola epidemic
we will continue to do our best to quell your suffering.

may all of you find peace somehow. <3

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You are a den of whimsical machinations of the mind.. an exercise in lucidity.
I Tortured Sleep I

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I Tortured Sleep I

Thank you! Thank you so much for your purchase! T U T

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Here's something I made up for Halloween
Hope you enjoy

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rotation battle

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rotation battle

hi sry but ur sig pic is so cute i love maribelle and lon'qu!!!

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Thank You for buying! 3nodding

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oh my golly i just saw your happy birthday comment i think??????? almost a month later but anyway thank y

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cool avi
Wildberry Tart

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Wildberry Tart

No problem. smile Always glad to help.

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Nude Crayon

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Nude Crayon

Thank you for your purchase C:
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ellipsis queen
occasional gambler
thread killer extraordinaire

im a negative creep and you probs wont like me

...bah humbug...
pls keep ur christmas carols away frm me..... smilies/icon_mad.gif smilies/cheese_whine.gif