hello friends
my name is lise, im 24
im in a relationship atm
i am nb (bisexual demigirl)
they/them pronouns are what i prefer
i really like uk garage and the vaporwave aesthetic
i also casually obsessed with kpop at the moment
i enjoy cats, coffee, video games and thrift store shopping
then again... who doesn't smilies/icon_lol.gif
it's one of my goals to travel to japan or france someday
et je parle francais aussi... je veux l'ameliorer, aide moi si vous voulez

prev. usernames
this acct, i was captorgasm, then french kiwi juice
alts. youcannotredo, Natural Puppy


R.I.P. passengers who perished in the SS Sewol
we will never forget your lasting memory of vibrance and youthfulness.
R.I.P. passengers who perished on Malaysia Airlines
your legacy will live on and your deaths will not be in vain.
R.I.P. those who have been taken by the ongoing Ebola epidemic
we will continue to do our best to quell your suffering.

may all of you find peace somehow. <3

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Nude Crayon

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Nude Crayon

Thank you for your purchase C:
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York Specter

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York Specter

I not being too serious about it, I dont think I even say please when I ask.doubt any one will just give me that item, but it worked for an astra D-tail after a few months. my main quest is a rare mask, and i fish daily for it.
York Specter

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York Specter

So hate I take it?(still want them horns just so you know)

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little bird - far east movement

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hi hello
thank you 4laugh
Queen Pansexual

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Queen Pansexual

                          c: x

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why thank you

Queen Pansexual

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Queen Pansexual

                          It was actually a freeb at a profile shop; I can't afford to pay for a profile lmao. Want a link to it?
Queen Pansexual

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Queen Pansexual

                          Yo, I just wanted to say that I think it's really cool you agree with me about Nikki Minaj. Too many people overlook her or simplify her or treat her like some trashy artist and it just bugs me so much. >n> So thank you~ <3


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my name is lise, i have rabies
and i think youre rly cute and special.
so be careful