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Hi! Seems like you've managed to stumble upon my profile. ^w^

First things first, my name is Trinity. I also go by Trin, or really any nickname you feel like calling me, as long as I approve. I am 17 and I live with my parents and sister in Oregon.
I love animals. I have three pet dogs, one pet cat (although there is this one cat that tends to hang around in our front yard), a pet rabbit, and a pet frog. I love all my animals but, I'd have to say that my favorite is my rabbit, Oreo.
I also love music, English, Japanese, and Korean mostly. The type of English music I like is kind of rock. Japanese and Korean wise it is more pop style.
I also love to draw, mostly random OC's and characters I think of randomly. I don't draw very good tho but, I am trying to get better.
Oh! And of course I love anime and manga. My favorites probably being Jounjou Romantica, Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi, and Rutta to Kodoma, all being yaoi. I also like regular anime/manga too but, yaoi is my number one genre.
Feel free to PM me for anything. Random PMs are the best!

My profile is always under construction so, watch your head!



Sorry I'm not on much anymore.