Take Me as I Am

Hey guys. =3

As you may have already known, my name is Rachel. I'm a redhead and I live on my own, and work. Plus I take care of my son. I am currently living in a city of Ohio, where I was born. It's a redneck city as most of Ohio is.

I enjoy drawing, hanging out with friends, roleplaying and any sort of music. My baby boy takes up most of time, so don't be too worried if I don't show up very often.
. My birthday is April 23rd.
I don't think I have many enemies, but I do have a few ..I will admit that much. My personality is very strong and I sometimes come across as a b***h. I can be... but I'm not always like that. My philosophy is.. if you respect me, I will respect you. Don't talk behind my back, and I will respect you. Treat me with civil dignity.. and I will do the same for you.

My friends are very close to me. I will stick up for them in almost any situation, but it takes a lot of patience to be one of my closest friends. I am a little rough around the edges, but I can be a cool person.

I love to roleplay, as I've said already. But I do have expectations.

My personality is out there. I'm the girl next door that you see throwing her computer out of the window, and then asking what you're staring at. Haha.
I'm quick tempered, but I can be sweet. I've got my cute side, but it's hard to see unless you know me.
My son comes before everyone else, even myself. So if that means you get ignored because Corbin is upset, or wants attention, then that's too bad. Get over it.
And yes, I have a baby. He was born in November of 2011, and keeps my free time occupied.

I like witty people. A witty joke makes me smile faster than a compliment. That's just how I am. I'm very down to Earth and blunt. I know that can be off putting, but I'm just different than other girls. I don't do a back flip for the color pink, ....infact, I hate it. I will never wear pink clothes. I'm a sucker for Mickey Mouse and Disney. I spend hours in the Disney Store, wishing I had this or that.
I'm eccentric, and I like to be so. Comes with the territory of being a redhead. I will always stand out.