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A Little Priest


I am me. Plain and simple. There is no one else who is just like me. No one in the whole wide world! I am just like a snowflake that way! And for those who care, I love making new friends! But I suppose I should warn you, I dont always have the best of memories (This doesnt mean Im old!) and I just might forget who you are, and how I met you! Just remind me! Also thought I should say it, since apparently, people think I have a good personality. (especially guys........Oddly enough). I DO have a boyfriend. The best I could ever ask for. I only say this, because lately, I am getting a LOT of guys saying they like me. That im sweet and so on and so forth. Though, I really dont understand how they can think that. I mean, sometimes, I can be really mean! But thats just the insane pysco bitchy side of me! Otherwise I can be pretty nice. Part of me hates conflict and arguments of any kind. The other side feels that if any one messes with anyone I care about, they will pay dearly. And no one will be able to prove it was me. So I suggest leaving me friends be. On another note, I love music, and can have quiet an eclectic taste. Which means I like all sorts of music, which often contradict themselves. I dont really have the time to sit here and talk about all the things I love and hate. So if you have any questions just ask. Oh, and I occasionaly do avi art. If you want some ask me, I may say yes.
Also, here are three kins of we. We three, we the people, and my personal favorite...WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!~


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*throwing stuff behind me as i say it from a big box labeled "brain"* Thought, music, proverbs, sayings, school stuff, cats, rabbits, dragons, books, fantasys, drawings, drama, monkey.......HEY! MONKEY!? Who the heck put a monkey in here!?


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zrac123 Report | 02/14/2014 9:28 am
indeederly. How's it been? ^,..^
zrac123 Report | 02/11/2014 1:40 pm
Javier Cross Report | 10/14/2013 8:04 am
I'll be even happier if I am allowed to know the extent of your capabilities, actually.
Hope to see you in there soon. ^_^
Javier Cross Report | 10/14/2013 4:09 am
I feel so happy that LightsofDecember mentioned you, now that I remember the fact.
I will appreciate it more than the both of you may know. emo
Javier Cross Report | 10/14/2013 3:59 am
Just make sure to check back at your shop to read on the latest post I sent you there, okay?


That's good, because at the moment with the yuri art request, I have a tough call for whom the one lady being the focal point should be drawn lipslocking with, which I'll tell you more if you quote me at your thread, okay? wink
Javier Cross Report | 10/14/2013 3:50 am
So shall I go collect the images and set of symbols for you to look at, and then bring it to a post at your thread so we can get cracking in regards to discuss flag content?


I feel relieved, because I admit I may need to test out what you can really do as far as art is concerned, no lie
Sometime after the flag-work art request is taken care of, you don't mind drawing a 'yuri'/female-on-female make-out session, do you?
My reasoning for that question would be in the form of a test. redface
Javier Cross Report | 10/14/2013 3:40 am
Just how much does it usually cost to particularly do any Medieval War Banners for flags?

Also I may as well tag the following question because its so cliche, and I don't want to violate your sensibilities so read if you won't mind the question.

(Here it comes!)

Also, by any chance do you enjoy drawing busty ladies? redface

(There, I said it! redface
Just don't hurt me. emo )
Javier Cross Report | 10/14/2013 3:27 am
I would like to have a look at examples you may have for art, from individual people to flags, what's the various ranges and types of your art you have self-faith in yourself
Javier Cross Report | 10/14/2013 3:22 am
Pleased to meet you, Ona Elric.
I believe someone may have mentioned you before and they told me you are an artist, yes? sweatdrop
ray ray is here Report | 04/01/2013 1:22 pm
Aw, thank you! >W<

I like yours too, nice cpmbo of red and black. .O.

Enjoy the item!

I was finally able to buy the checkmate 2nd. Gen. Hair to finish my avi thanks to you buying my item. >v<

So thanks again~ *huggles*
Cyril Amethyst