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non-objective Report | 03/05/2015 3:00 pm
Looks like they're being faithful to the designs of the Pokémon. I probably might get Vaporeon since that was my Eevee's final form in my original Red version.
non-objective Report | 03/05/2015 2:15 pm
I can't wait for a glaceon one.
non-objective Report | 03/05/2015 12:43 pm
We'll probably get through all the Eeveelutions eventually
IVIiku Report | 03/03/2015 7:56 pm
Its both good and bad xD~
IVIiku Report | 03/03/2015 7:31 pm
My hoarder ways always block me from doing things xD~
IVIiku Report | 03/03/2015 7:15 pm
I grow too attached xD~
IVIiku Report | 03/03/2015 7:09 pm
IDK i always find it hard to part with cosplays D:~
IVIiku Report | 03/03/2015 7:03 pm
Ive just been editing my failed entries into arenas~
I have no funds so im just trying to chillax~
IVIiku Report | 03/03/2015 6:57 pm
Wacha up too?
I also saw your status xD~
IVIiku Report | 03/03/2015 6:52 pm
random POKE~