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hello my names hunter

i play guitar and sing if you ever want to hear me ask ill be more than happy to sing

heres a few pet peeves of mine and a little bit more about me to follow up on it

1. im sarcastic a lot and it seems like im serious
rule to that
dont say your my friend then 2 weeks after start to treat me like crap and then expect things to be the same yes i am sarcastic no i dont take kindly to liars or false friends if im ever serious i will let you know.

2. i will repeat this i dont like liars dont ever lie to me cause if i find out more than likely you wont like me anymore

3. dont pull that im falling for you crap then turn around and say you've changed.
theres falling for someone then theres lying falling for someone means you know for sure without a doubt that there right for you love is not meant to be thrown out there like a paper airplane.

im a very nice person till you do any of those that i said not to.

musical preference

i enjoy metal its my favorite music to calm me back down.
i like acoustic music too and some rap but not all

if you want to know more just talk to me shoot me a pm or something i will respond

thanks for reading have a nice day.
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