My name is Gabrielle.

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To be honest, I am horrible at introductions. I was born on June 11th. I am currently 17 18 years old. My educational status is a: senior freshman in high school college.
Before you ask about my race, I am Filipino.

My interests outside of the educated curriculum include: reading (novels/creepypasta), drawing, listening to music, having a sweets addiction, etc.

For musical talents, I have played the piano for about eleven twelve years+. Recently, I am learning how to play drums.

The listing of my other interests and distastes could be provided, but incredibly generic to say the least.

Genres of music that I find appealing to me are: Alternative, Electronic/(a), Rock, and a little bit of Indie. On the other hand, movies and television shows range from: anime, action, psychological horror, and childhood memories from the 90's.

Gorillaz, Massive Attack, Radiohead, Monarch, Mae, Coldplay (older albums), Imagine Dragons, Young the Giant, Daft Punk, Nujabes/Witness, Mogwai, Ima Robot, Birds of Tokyo, Chad Valley, Kimbra, and many others are my favorite musical artists.

As for my arrival on Gaia it technically started around the late year of '07, but got highly addictive around '08-'10. Before this account was established, my 07' and '09 accounts are a contribution towards this website. Unfortunately, they both got hacked.
Nonetheless, I was able to still be on Gaia after a long hiatus.

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Gender: Female

Occupation: Student

Birds of Tokyo- White Leaves