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Location: CT/CA/FL

Birthday: 07/20/1992

Occupation: Professional Piercer

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Name is Genova.
Professional Piercer // body modification artist.
I am also a tattoo artist that cables in patter/dot work.
Member since August 2003.

ask for my personal IG

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- I am a professional piercer, I am in fact APP certified. I am also a hand-poke, also known as dotwork artist.
- I studied at Gnomon school of visual effects, but it isn't my profession.
- I'm modified. Please don't ask me what size my holes are or send me vulgar messages. I tend to block twats often.
- I'm a heath enthusiast, & vegan.
- I travel often, especially for work doing guest spots in other shops around the world.
- I have a passion for jewelry and as a hobby make jewelry. I also support & help Capitallplugs. Which you can find on facebook/IG.

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