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Last Login: 01/21/2015 9:18 am

Location: CT/CA/FL

Birthday: 07/20/1992

Occupation: Professional Piercer

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Name is Genova.
Professional Piercer // Association of professional piercers.
Handpoke tattoo artist//Black - Dot - Geometrical
I travel often, but I live in CA/CT.
Graduate @gnomonschoolofvisualeffects
Member of gaia since August, 2003.

You will find me in the Chatterbox, Art Freebies, Towns, Charity/Quests, and the Arenas.

I'm always cosplaying my avatar. Normally as the Skull kid or SMoon.

I collect avi art, and also make animated art.

Anyone who is generous enough to donate to me will receive art.

I instantly 'ignore' anyone who messages me asking me for donations,
I am a very giving person, but not to those who ask. Unless I come
across you in the Charity/Quests.

I love meeting new people so leave a comment or private message me to talk.


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