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Mystiecat537 Report | 02/20/2015 5:25 pm
I sees... I'm sorry you lost internet for a while.. o.o Yes, I have Skype. I'll send you a PM.
Mystiecat537 Report | 02/20/2015 4:38 pm
Uhhh... No, not Steam. I got Elsword from the official site. I only use Steam for one thing since it costs money and can't spare any for it.

I sees.. ^^ That's really good.
Mystiecat537 Report | 02/20/2015 2:01 pm
Alright then. I've been playing a game called Elsword, which is fuuuun~ And I has an awesome boyfriend.. ^^
Awws.. You has a husband now?? How cute!!! Is this irl or not??? ^^;; Not sure which you mean... But how is that going for you? Does this mean you're feeling better than the last time we talked???~
Mystiecat537 Report | 02/19/2015 10:02 pm
I've been okies.. How about you???
Mystiecat537 Report | 02/19/2015 9:38 pm
ZAY!!! *glomps*
HornyDouche Report | 11/09/2014 3:53 am
Happy Birthday my baby love you so much biggrin
Public Statement Report | 11/04/2014 2:53 pm
Public Statement
What's up? :3
Public Statement Report | 11/03/2014 6:27 pm
Public Statement
A Lovely Memory Report | 10/25/2014 1:50 pm
A Lovely Memory
Thanks <3
The Silent Paladin Report | 10/17/2014 8:42 pm
The Silent Paladin
Okay, I see now. I only have one mule that I use to get on both sides of the versus events so I wasn't sure why someone would have three. I just logged onto it the other day and saw the gold I remember I would give to that account to save up for items, and it's only like 250,000 I think. Back in the day before the inflation, that could actually BUY things, lol. It;s hilarious how my savings are laughable pieces of chump change now.


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