Call me Esther. It isn't my real name.

I am 18. I just graduated. I hope to study genetics and German with a minor in other foreign lanuages. If genetics turns out to be a flop, then Mortuary Science.

I attend Minnesota State University, Mankato.

I am dating an albino male, however I like both genders.

I am lazy.

I like to role play.

This is probably my seventh account on Gaia. I've been on and off since about 2007.

I work at an restaurant of sorts which consumes quite a bit of time but hope to work in a video store in the near future.

I like dresses.

Sometimes I lie, but mostly I try to be as honest as I can in a nice way.

I feel like 'One of the guys'

I love yellow things.

I wear glasses, and may or may not include a picture on here.

I like food.

I am laid back, and very approachable.

I like incense.



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Serving Up The Icebox

Just writings to cure the boredom of my inability to find a good role play nowadays.



oinomancy n. divination, or foretelling the future using wine