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**3/09.. Custom Cut 4th Gen from og Thc. Thank you! ♥

**3/09.. Golden Fleece from You Butthurt Bro. Thank you! ♥

**3/09.. Romance Pendent, Ultra Satan Slippers, Energetic Plant, Heart of Gold, Polar Bear Hat, Rosa Romance, Solar Headphones, Benny the Puppy, and Kitty Slippers from Badass Flirt. Thank you! ♥

**3/09.. Celestial Emissary from Ellince. Thank you! ♥

**3/10.. Dice Roll from Eliana Isabella. Thank you! ♥

**3/10.. 1m gold from anna of arendelle's giveaway. Thank you! ♥

**3/10.. Milk the Cat from inu_spike89. Thank you so much! ♥

**3/12.. Wed to Darkness from pastel pandy's giveaway. Thank you! ♥

**3/12.. 10th anniversary Moobie Plushie from traveler anon Thank you! ♥

**3/13.. Rosamund's Devotion from Drasna's giveaway contest. Thank you ♥

**3/14.. 100k gold donation from That One Creep. Thank you ♥

**3/16.. A Pierrot Piccolo from criseldt. Thank you! ♥

**3/16.. Copper Snippet, Siku the White Wolf(xs2), Bingo the Border Collie, SDPlus #424 Renard, SDPlus #346 Thea the Unicorn Spirit, Milk the Cat, Koji the Red Fox, Gremalkin, Mercury's Moon, Oisin's Blessing, Rosamund's Passion from MEEPIN's quitting giveaway. Thank you so much. You cleared so much from my wishlist. ♥

**3/16.. Afternoon Tea Bundle from tirloid in Aya and Tirloid's Bundle Giveaway thread. Thank you!! It's beautiful and more than I could've hoped for ♥

**3/17.. Kepler from lego world Thank you!! ♥

**3/19.. 800k from I M Too Innocent's mini event. Thank you. ♥

**3/19.. Kepler from TomTom Foolery Thank you! ♥

**3/19.. 5m from Nishijima's Celebratory giveaway. Thank you! ♥

**3/19.. Biancamella 4th gen from Pillar of Salt's Quitting Gaia giveaway. Thank you! ♥

**3/22.. Glacemella from Florenthia. Thank you! ♥

**3/24.. Crystalline Velvetine from kotoko ni. Thank you! ♥

**3/25.. Actaeon's Blessing from Silent Sympathy. Thank you! ♥

**3/26.. 1m from Sublime Silence's Streaming giveaway. Thank you! ♥

**3/26.. Flavors de Alpaca from Twisted Cr0w's post contest. Thank you! ♥

**3/27.. Deadly Ansha from Lyrie Illus Aoide. Thank you! ♥

**3/27.. 60k from black flamo's little contest. Thanks! ♥

**3/28.. Flight of the Honey Bee from Ghost Siren's giveaway. Thank you! ♥

**3/29.. Jada the Unicorn from Really Rad. Thank you so much! ♥

**3/29.. Bubu and Ruru Kitty from Wings of Zeus. Thank you so much! I love them! ♥

**3/30.. Scandalous Tabs from Farrah Fawcett Hair's give away. Thank you! ♥

**3/30.. Yggdrasil Fae from Capt Porn Flakes v3's giveaway. Thank you! ♥

**3/31.. Piggie plush from Mystery Jeeves. Thank you! ♥

**4/01.. Cerise the Skunk from Snirkligt. Thank you! ♥

**4/01.. Miko Gakko from Jujuleeya's streaming giveaway. Thank you! ♥

**4/01.. Chuu Chuu the Bunny from Phoenix Sandra's April Fools Day event. Thank you so much! ♥

**4/01.. Head of Night amongst some other random items from That Snarky Betch. Thank you ♥

**4/04.. Purple Nightmare Scarf The Princess Bear. Thank you so much! ♥

**4/04.. Fawn slippers, Eye of Europa, Timehole Professor, along with a bunch of other random items from Kuroshix. Thank you ♥

**4/04.. 1m from Anette von Schutzhauer. Thank you ♥

**4/05.. 2 Durem Grab bags from ColoredxNoodles. Thank you ♥

**4/05.. Long stemmed red rose from Katsu Shunu. Thank you ♥

**4/05.. Ela the Jackalope from Capt Porn Flakes v3. Thank you ♥

**4/06.. 2m from Hasegawa Aiko to go to my plushie/pet fund. Thank you ♥

**4/06.. Make it Rain from Leonaenae's giveaway event. Thank you ♥

**4/06.. Literary Luxury from Ira-Itaru. Thank you ♥

**4/06.. Devil's Sonata, Masquerade 10th gen, New Years Champagne, Unicorn, Sky Bebe, SDPlus #34 Zhivago, SDPlus #284 Dominika, December Birthstone Cape and Crown, Nocturne Phantom, Edmund's Undies, Gaia Party Time from Karnival de Grimm. Thank you ♥

**4/07.. Main Unihorn from Kayrito. Thank you ♥

**4/07.. 1m from 192O's posting event. Thank you ♥

**4/07.. 10m from a pizza's guess what candy I'm snacking on contest. xD Thank you ♥

**4/07.. Magical Miracle Mage from Platonic Purple Panda's Streaming Giveaway. Thank you so much! ♥

**4/10.. Cheshire Cat from Konnpeito. Thank you! ♥

**4/10.. Ruffled-up Showgirl from pukaru. Thank you! ♥

**4/12.. Ember the Cat, Sly the Black Fox and lots of random cool items from DehHiddenAngel. Thank you so much! You're amazing ♥ I'm still speechless ♥♥

**4/12.. Kabuki from Voxxer's quitting gaia giveaway. Thank you ♥

**4/18.. Kudzu the Kitsune from DehHiddenAngel Thank you so much, I love him! ♥

**4/19.. SBX Remake from Booger Anon. Thank you ♥

**4/20.. Tunnu the Bear from DehHiddenAngel! You spoil me so much!! Thank you so much for everything! ♥

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Fluidz Report | 04/12/2014 1:39 pm
np heart
Calafein Helvimtor Report | 04/12/2014 1:10 pm
Calafein Helvimtor
Enjoy your pixels
mimiru_002 Report | 04/11/2014 6:06 pm
Lol thanks!
I had fun with it xp
Haha, you gotta do that~
Gaia is laaame, we can still have fun without their lame events!
mimiru_002 Report | 04/11/2014 3:51 pm
I think it's this Sunday! emotion_0A0
Yeah, I hope so too :c
And they do, they revolve around buying gaia cash, so lame~
mimiru_002 Report | 04/10/2014 6:21 pm
Lol right?
Oh well, I'll keep trying~
When's Easter btw?
This week? xp
mimiru_002 Report | 04/10/2014 6:12 pm
Lol thanks!
I've only managed to make a regular avi
No easter so far :c
mimiru_002 Report | 04/10/2014 6:00 pm
Yeah I'm trying
I'm using my inventory tektek xp
mimiru_002 Report | 04/10/2014 5:51 pm
I'll try~
Nothing is coming out yet :c
I"m kinda stump on tekteking at the moment...
mimiru_002 Report | 04/10/2014 5:48 pm
Yes, they did ;w;
You're welcome~
I'm working on an easter avi myself whee
sidplusnancy Report | 04/10/2014 4:43 pm
do you like them?

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