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**12/1... Parcel Post, Uncanny Form, Polar Ice Sea, Stellar Dreams, Stellar Flurry, Saint Ciel: Aphrodite, Saint Ciel: Thanatos, Queen's Vengeance, The Celestial Queen of Solair, SDPlus #474 Primrose, SDPlus #34 Vector, Brown Pandy Pack from Shedeem. Thank you so much for everything. They will be here waiting for you if you come back. Best wishes, my sweet.

**12/2... More from Shedeem: Duke, Dolce, Lulu, Colliers the Ragdoll Cat, Pamplie the Ragdoll Cat, Echire the Ragdoll Cat, Mr. Butterscotch, Momo the Monkey, Olly the Otter, Terre Reverie, Fairy Lumi, Brave Bonnie. Thank you, again ♥

**12/2... 100m Mythrill Coin from Starmark_21 and Angelstardust_78. Thank you! ♥

**12/2... Strawberry Marguerita from SHlZU-CHAN for bumping his xmas thread. Thank you!

**12/3... 100m from KillerNMe for a tektek. Thank you!

**12/3... Junk trade from pixelatedrainbows. Thank you!

**12/3... Terre Reverie, Sweet Frosting, Faustine's Bottle, Ghoul's Acre, Wary Intrigue, Pretty Powers Transform, Approach B from TrikksR4Kidds. Thank you so much! ♥

**12/4... Sweet Sealie from Javocado. Thank you!

**12/6... More from Shedeem. Lil Pink Derby Devil, Mournful Maiden, Ode to the Studio Killer, Lunar Eclipse Odori, Alleycat's Allure, Celebrated Comet, Pious Basan, Briar Rose Fable, Majokko Akuma. Omg Thank you again so so much! ♥

**12/7... Waving Periwinkle Cat Tail from hobo cookies. Thank you! ♥

**12/7... Force A Nature from Devicious. Thank you, Buff Santa! ♥

**12/7... Mini Lavender Angel Wings, Lilac Scarf, Peter's Zeal, Purple Nightmare Scarf, Purple Chyaku Norisu Scarf, Lavender Devil's Tail, Kamila's Blood Magic, Navy Angelic Sash, Holly Berry Scarf, Taffy Mini Angel Wings, Dame Knightingale, Bubble Gum Mini Angel Wings from Senor Chanq's Giveaway! Thank you! ♥

**12/8... Mellifluous Cantata from Samwiches' Round 4 Holiday Giveaway. Thank you!

**12/8... Fairy Bundle from Linshon. Thank you so much! ♥

**12/12... 1b from megadamasta. Thank you! ♥

**12/12... Inari Beads 13th gen, Midnight Cardinal, Fierce Loathing Style, Haagenti's Wings, Spirited Meister, Puppeteer, Maximilian the Snowdog, Chimera of the West, Icicle the Angelic Cat, Confident Legs, Carlos the Alpaca, Fairy Bundle from Articunbro's rig opening/giveaway stream. Thank you! ♥

**12/12... Candy Cat from O_SkyFlakes_O. Thank you! ♥

**12/13... Z's Sketchbook from Pixel Rice. Thank you! ♥

**12/13... Navy Pandy Pack from Nahjelly. Thank you! ♥

**12/14... Three Little Rascals from Happy Foxcore. Thank you! ♥

**12/14... Jekyll's Ethics from Booba Fett. Thank you! ♥

**12/14... Mrs. Butterscotch (née Creampuff) from The Goddess Nephthys for xmas. Thank you so much! ♥

**12/14... Wintry Snowglobe from Angelic_Love23. Thank you! ♥

**12/14... Absolute Bloody Maiden from Raquel Chanel's Bloody Christmas Giveaway. Thank you! ♥

**12/14... Luxurious Lucie from Ruzypie's Christmas giveaway. Thank you! ♥

**12/14... My favorite Pattern from La Noblesse. OMFG, thank you! ♥

**12/15... Reverent Cleric from MyNameIsTye. Thank you! ♥

**12/16... Monkey Brains from Optimus Bunneh. Thank you! ♥

**12/16... Orphan's elephant Doll from Lack Of Lithium. Thank you! ♥

**12/16... Astra: Red Demonic Hipwings from I-Iaru. Thank you! ♥

**12/17... Curious Mona, Loyalty Crown 2014, Astra: Summer 2k14 Lantern, Spirit of the Summer Winner's Leaf, Gaia Token, Unusual Easter Egg, Strange Easter Eg, Sour Blue Raspberry Godina, Plumberry Godina, Dark Cranberry Godina, Team Aekea Scarf, SDPlus Real S20 O_8 from Pooboomie's invo clearing giveaway. Thank you! ♥

**12/17... I won Astra: Vanilla Breeze, Breezy Love Bundle, Onyx Bundle, Trickster's Gambit Bundle, Oeneus's Blessing, Cool Neo Queen's Lunar Locks, and Rosamund's Rage (gave that one away) in 400 Lux's Name the Song Contest Stream. Thanks so much! ♥

**12/18... Vittoria's Intimates and Peppery Pupil Studen t L from #1 Anon. Thank you so much! I love them!

**12/18... A Winter Loppie from DafuqDidYouSay. Thank you! ♥

**12/19... Son of Wardis from itsonlyanna. Thank you! ♥

**12/19... Legend of Freyja from As Cold As Ice. Thank you! ♥

**12/19... Maximilian the Snowdog, Nereus's Blessing, Kanoko's Nightmares, [Animal] Suarflake, Vile Omen, Frost fire Miser, Frigid Jackalbeast, Traveler of the Tundra, Hazel Scarf, White Stockings, Macy's Planet Gold Long Sleeve Tee, Pizza Slice from boup. Thank you! ♥

**12/19... Cheery Sweater from Smash or Dash. Thank you so much! ♥

**12/20... Cool V is for Victory Locks from Devicious. Thank you! ♥

**12/20... Teddy the Cuddly Bear from Iady brown. Thank you! ♥

**12/20... Fufu the Bunny from CrampingUnicornToes. Thank you! ♥

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The Goddess Nephthys Report | 12/21/2014 3:26 am
The Goddess Nephthys
-hugs back- no problem smile
The Goddess Nephthys Report | 12/21/2014 3:22 am
The Goddess Nephthys
no no gold D=<
The Goddess Nephthys Report | 12/21/2014 3:16 am
The Goddess Nephthys
nah the only items i wanted from gofusion and i got them long ago lol
The Goddess Nephthys Report | 12/21/2014 3:14 am
The Goddess Nephthys
nah have em free
there useless to me.
The Goddess Nephthys Report | 12/21/2014 3:09 am
The Goddess Nephthys
if your needing heart charms ill just give them to you free lol
eletunamage Report | 12/20/2014 6:15 pm
You're welcome! heart
Donatsu_Chann Report | 12/20/2014 4:03 pm
Your welcome! ^.^
spoofete Report | 12/18/2014 12:08 am
Thank you for giving me the name, I had no idea. Now I have discovered the world of MLP. oooooh mmmmm GGGGG mrgreen
spoofete Report | 12/17/2014 1:19 pm
Adorably cute avi, especially love the snuggly yellow plushie heart
Milk My Booty Report | 12/16/2014 10:10 pm
Milk My Booty
I will I promise hun c:

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