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AznElite123 Report | 07/29/2015 5:43 pm
who u calling tiny tim qq
A Cynosure Report | 07/17/2015 8:16 pm
alright coolbeans rolleyes
A Cynosure Report | 07/17/2015 3:53 pm
well what time are you going to be up until? I definitely didnt bring it with me
I'll be at my friends house until later tonight
you have like a kik or something?
A Cynosure Report | 07/17/2015 3:44 pm
wait what for realz? I was kidding, but we can if you want xD
A Cynosure Report | 07/17/2015 3:21 pm
pokemon battle me !u!
A Cynosure Report | 07/16/2015 9:58 am
yeaaah I guess I can be redface
but you were sweet to me first
so sweet, you gave me diabetes (totes said that emotion_facepalm )
whatcha up to? (may be awhile before I respond. I'm at work right now smile I'm on my 15 min break)
Pikachu Goddess Report | 07/16/2015 7:36 am
Oh thank you c:
KriIIin With GIasses Report | 07/16/2015 6:15 am
you promise? ;u;
KriIIin With GIasses Report | 07/16/2015 4:53 am
everyone does :c
A Cynosure Report | 07/16/2015 2:01 am
say whaaaaa
aww shucks emotion_awesome
it's okaaaay
xD why thank you
I think yours is better though



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