○ names: cole, potatosaur, whatever
        ○ age: twenty three
        ○ pronouns: he, she, they
        ○ sexual orientation: hella ladies
        ○ relationship status: just existing
More Stuff

hi I'm Cole
i'm just an androgynous potato-faced loser who stalks basically everyone
(fyi, I am biologically a female)
zOMG was my home and my life; #RIPzOMG
if i'm ever in the Chatterbox, i speak mainly in gif form
these days i'm slowly getting myself back into roleplaying
(lazy lit. to adv. lit.)
otherwise, i'm kinda a loner, but people talk to me anyway
i know a lot of chill people tho
i swear i'm nice
i'm only a sarcastic jerk 95% of the time
this used to be longer but i got annoyed

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