○ names: cole, potatosaur, whatever
        ○ age: twenty four (as of 3/7/17)
        ○ pronouns: he, she, they
        ○ sexual orientation: hella ladies
        ○ relationship status: just existing

extra stuff
yoo I'm Cole
i'm just an androgynous potato-faced loser who stalks basically everyone
(fyi, I am biologically a female)
zOMG was the dopest thing ever; can't wait for it to come back
sometimes i roleplay, pm me if you wanna write or something
(lazy lit. to adv. lit.)
i'm kinda asocial, but i can hold a good conversation when i'm interested
i can also be a sarcastic jerk
this gets edited every once in a while, usually around my birthday

links & junk
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