it me

whatchu lookin at?
○ name: cole.
○ age: twenty four
○ pronouns: he, she, they
○ location: up on neptune probably
○ sexual orientation: hella ladies
○ relationship status: lonely as ********, but too lazy to date
yo, I'm cole
i'm an androgynous, peace-loving, starboi loser
and i stalk everyone's profiles
i'm mainly on zOMG being trash
I also roleplay in barton town forum; pm me if you'd like to write (lazy lit. to adv. lit.)
i dig memes, astrology, good vibes, pretty, thick women, and s**t jokes
i'm kinda asocial and stay to myself most of the time
but overall i'm pretty friendly
kinda weird tho, so yeah
this gets edited every once in a while, usually around my birthday

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