(サソリ), also known as Sasori of the Red Sand.

I hate my life. Fortunately I found my art.
Fine art is something wonderful that is left long into the future not a bang!
I made long-lasting puppets out of humans. My favorite is the Third Kazekage! I know a lot about the human body and I
create a lot of different poisons. If you want to order, just call me. I don't like Deidara's art. but I love hearing him say un

- mother and father
-grandma Chiyo
-deidara my fellow artist

Age : forever 35
Birthday : November 8
Blood type : AB
Classification : S-rank
Gender : Male

I'm dead now so goodbye guys!
but my art will live on forever



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True Deidara

Report | 11/16/2014 8:45 pm

True Deidara

Hmph! And you missed one fact: She's a Female
Mhm c:
You'll get more, next year.
True Deidara

Report | 11/09/2014 7:09 pm

True Deidara

Ahaha~ Silly, Danna.
NO! I wouldn't go as that woman!
If you must know I went as red riding hood. I mostly stayed indoor's and watched a
not-so-scary movie called the Grudge 2. (Still a bit frightened by the girl emotion_sweatdrop )

Of course not! Blow the candle's! : D

Make a wish~
True Deidara

Report | 11/08/2014 5:06 pm

True Deidara

Happy Birthday, Danna! emotion_bigheart
*bring's forth a cake and set's it on a table*
True Deidara

Report | 10/30/2014 10:44 am

True Deidara

Do as you please, Danna.
I mean, you're going as pinocchio, right? emotion_dowant
True Deidara

Report | 10/29/2014 9:10 pm

True Deidara

Haha~ So much for eternal *pat's your head*
Happy almost Halloween, Danna. Hnn.
*offer's a piece of candy*
True Deidara

Report | 10/24/2014 1:36 pm

True Deidara

Ahaha! Good one, Danna. But at least I ain't so old and fragile emotion_dowant
True Deidara

Report | 10/12/2014 12:40 pm

True Deidara

At least Im not so old and short > : D *compares height with hands*
Heh~ Danna's a shorty~
True Deidara

Report | 10/08/2014 7:51 pm

True Deidara

Oh. Well okay then Danna. c: *pats your head*
Shorty~ > : D
True Deidara

Report | 10/04/2014 3:41 pm

True Deidara

I can only imagine what's it doing with you > W>
Skirt and everything, unless. . .it's my man form :0
True Deidara

Report | 09/27/2014 9:50 pm

True Deidara

Mhm. *pat pat* :0 Ohh~ Has Sasori made any new puppets lately? c:


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