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Nice to meet you...

WICK is the newly appointed Spirit of Halloween.

"There's a Spirit of Halloween?" You ask

Yes. Yes there is. There always has been. Although to be fair, they tend to get a bad rap. They can't help it if they look creepy - it's part of the job. No, really. Halloween Spirits look eery by default, just like Christmas Spirits tend to look rotund, red-cheeked, and jolly.

You might know Halloween Spirits by other names - Bogeymen, for example.

That's silly. Everyone knows Bogeymen are actually Shadowalkers, which, as the name should suggest, are an entirely different type of being that can turn into shadows. They also walk.

"What does a Spirit of Halloween do?" You also ask.

A Spirit of Halloween, like other holiday spirits, oversees the conduct of minions (or helpers, if you prefer that term,) in preparation for their holiday, encourages excitement in the general populace leading up to said holiday, and makes sure said previously referred to populace remains safe and happy on that holiday.

Wick takes it a step further and delivers gifts to people leading up to the day.

When he's not busy preparing for his holiday, Wick admirably does his other job - spooking.

"So is Wick a demon?" You also also ask.

Nope. Spirit.

The only things he has in common with demons are the fact that he needs to be summoned, his wings, and the slightly sulfuric smell that seems to follow him everywhere.

Wick is not affected by holy water, hallowed ground, or prayers hastily spoken by religious individuals. The only thing those things do to him are make him wet, occasionally trip him up if he's not watching his feet, and amuse him, greatly.

"Is Wick bad?" You also also also ask.

Boy you have a lot of questions!

No, Wick is not bad.

"Does he scare people?" You additionally inquire.

Yes, Wick scares people. But not for nefarious purposes.

Wick scares people for two reasons;

1. To amuse his charges and get them excited for Halloween.

2. To keep people safe.

"He scares people to keep them safe? How does that work?" You query.

Simple, dear human/demon/fae/other...

Wick induces an appropriate amount of fear in individuals who need to be reminded that they are not invincible, that they are not immortal, and that certain ideas they might have are absolutely terrible.

If Wick didn't do his job admirably there would be a rash of people taking bold leaps off high rooftops because they weren't scared of heights, using shortcuts through spooky woods in the middle of the night because they weren't worried about the idea of getting jumped, and messing with occult forces less polite than Wick because they weren't scared of the unknown.

"So aside from that is there any positive benefit to Wick scaring people?" You state, continuing your line of interrogation.

Yes. Yes there is.

Sometimes, Wick's spooking helps people overcome natural fears they might have. It doesn't always work that way, but when it does Wick considers his job worth it.

"So what else should I know about Wick?" You press.

Wick likes cats, but they don't seem to like him - it comes part and parcel with being a spirit.

Wick used to be alive, and a blond. He died in a house fire after forcing his younger siblings out of the house.

Wick can play the piano and has a particular fondness for Beethoven.

Wick does not talk. Rather, he communicates telepathically. Spoooky.

Wick likes pumpkin pie, dislikes kale, and can't stand the consistency of pudding.

The book Wick carries is not just for show - it is a grimoire, willed to him by his predecessor who is now enjoying retirement on a Caribbean Island, and it contains a multitude of useful spells. Wick is able to use these spells.

Wick is particularly friendly towards children, especially those who need a bit of cheering up. He's been known to hide candy around children's houses as a special treat for good, Halloweenly spirited conduct, although whether they find it before Halloween is another thing entirely - sometimes he hides it too well and it isn't found until Easter, or later.

Lastly, Wick is a Capricorn.

"Okay. Thanks for the information!" You say.

You're welcome.


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Rhea Byrne Report | 12/25/2014 11:12 am
Rhea Byrne
(( Merry Christmas, friendo! ))
Johannes Cabal Report | 11/23/2014 5:29 pm
Johannes Cabal
"But why turkey? As far as large stupid birds go, they're harmless. A goose, at least, would provide the satisfaction of dealing with something that hisses, bites, and is generally Satan's avian avatars on Earth."
"I think you just answered your own question."
Whimsical Chaos Report | 10/28/2014 3:34 pm
Whimsical Chaos
"...What? Are you stunned by its fabulous-ness? "
Johannes Cabal Report | 10/16/2014 9:14 pm
Johannes Cabal
"I don't think so. Then again, my perceptions of what counts as life and unlike tend to routinely change, so ask me again next time." Cabal regarded Wick for a long moment, mentally sorting the encounter into information for the future. "A shame over the loss of your life. But as you note, you seem well adapted to your profession. "
Johannes Cabal Report | 10/16/2014 8:58 pm
Johannes Cabal
"Yes, it is, isn't it?" Cabal was quiet for a moment as he looked westward. "I'm sorry I can't offer much insight or advice for your condition. A pair of forceps perhaps, but magic is notoriously spiteful when you try to wiggle around what it considers funny or apropos."
Johannes Cabal Report | 10/16/2014 8:33 pm
Johannes Cabal
"It's not a common occurrence, no. And I appreciate that as well. I rather like my heart rate where it is." He wrinkled his nose at the mention of the vandalism. He didn't care for those who would topple tombstones and deface the graves. It was a bit of personal hypocrisy that he'd considered many a morning lying in bed waiting for sleep and had begrudgingly accepted as just a smidge of sentimentalism on his soul's behalf. Besides, some of the stones were art. And dangerous to have standing over your head or under your feet. He had twisted his ankle once falling into a cracked vault that'd been some teens' 'My First Satanic Ritual' altar. "Little shits."

"Well, they do say eating on the job isn't good for your health... in either of our cases I suppose... In a manner of conversation to make a point."
Johannes Cabal Report | 10/16/2014 8:15 pm
Johannes Cabal
Cabal, at the very least, had the insight to make an attempt at shame. It came off as more of a slightly befuddled look, but it was more from the lack of the practice of his facial muscles with the emotion than actual feeling. "Yes, I see that now. Ah, that information is... kind of you. Thank you."

He shook his head, moving some of the dirt closer to the grave with his foot. "No, no thank you. Kind offer, but I'm not that fond of hard-boiled sweets."
Johannes Cabal Report | 10/16/2014 8:01 pm
Johannes Cabal
"No rain," Cabal explained, eyeing the shovel he'd been using to excavate. It was now laying across the foot of the grave and well, it'd be damn obvious if he tried to switch his cane for something a little more blunt. "It's all in the north. And I was, but I suppose that'd be a moot point now that you've vouched for their... company." His expression was sour and he let out a huff of frustration.
"So I suppose I'll make myself absent and count this acre as a loss."
Johannes Cabal Report | 10/16/2014 7:49 pm
Johannes Cabal
Cabal whirled around looking for the source of the voice, hand on the clasp of his cane.
After spying no one, he considered the possibility and probability that the voice came from within his own mind.
His sanity was in check, as tested a few hours ago, so he found a sudden spat of insanity was a lackluster answer. Therefore, the voice was not his mind (nor of his conscience, which had a whinging tone.)
Irritated by the intrusion, but considering that anyone who spoke in mind could well implode a mind, gritted his teeth as he offered a bare apology.
"Sorry. The topsoil's a bit dry."
Rhea Byrne Report | 10/16/2014 2:29 pm
Rhea Byrne
I'm good, but thank you for offering. I appreciate it.



Infernal and slightly imposing appearance aside, Wick, the newly appointed spirit of Halloween, is a very nice guy. So nice, in fact, that he decided to drop by Gaia to bring a bit of spirited joy to its residents. That being said, keep your gifting on.


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Rhea Byrne on 12/26/2014
Johannes Cabal on 12/26/2014

Guess I should try and make nice with people...

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