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These aren't lady's clothes, or men's clothes, they're MY clothes.

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Nice to meet you...

My name is Jude.

That's not my full name though. I don't exactly feel comfortable giving that out freely. Of course, if you were in my place you'd be hesitant to hand out your personal information to people too.

Now I know you're probably thinking "But Jude, not everyone's bad. I'm sure your personal info would be perfectly safe with people, like me," and you're right. Contrary to what I used to, and still occasionally do, believe most people are actually pretty decent and understanding. I wouldn't say people are necessarily good as a collective group, but they're not half as terrible as I used to think. Decent. That's how I'd describe humans on whole.

I'm getting off track. Right.

The reason I won't give you my name, and why you would be wise to keep yours from me in return, is connected to my talent. What I mean by talent, by the way, is what most people would call a 'psychic power'.

Mine is pretty cool.

If I know someone's name, first and last, and I know what they look like, and they're able to hear my voice I can make that person do almost anything I want them to with a verbal command.

There are LIMITS to my ability, of course:

1. I can't make someone do something impossible, like breathe under water.

2. I can't use a command to keep someone from dying if they're critically injured. Nature will take its course.

3. I can't control people's feelings or thoughts, just their behavior. So before you ask me, no, I can't make someone fall in love with you, or make them fall out of love with someone else so you can scope them.

4. While my talent does work over electronic transmission - like over a PA or a tape recorder. It's not as effective as when I'm present on the scene to give the command to my target. There's a slim chance that they won't comply. Very slim, but still a chance.

Here are a few things I CAN do with my ability:

1. I can make people freeze in their tracks, no matter what they're in the middle of doing.

2. I can make my target go to a specific location, at a specific time, and do a commanded task.

3. I can command someone to actively ignore a situation. That's not to say they won't remember it - maybe a flash of color or a noise stuck out to them - but it can help to impair their attention to detail. It's sort of like that psychology experiment with the moon-walking gorilla.

4. I can command someone to do something they've never done before as long as I phrase the command properly. For example, instead of telling someone who's never been on a bike to 'ride a bike' I could instruct them, step by step, to grip the handle bars, sit on the front end of the seat, place their feet on the pedals, and after walking them through steering and pedaling, tell them to repeat the motion.

Here are some things I WON'T do with my ability:

1. I won't order someone to do things of a sexual nature.

2.. I won't order someone to take their own life, or someone else's.

3. I won't order someone to commit a crime.

These lists aren't exclusive of course. I'm constantly trying to expand my knowledge of my talent and it's limits.

I live at an institute founded in the mid-1900s by a parapsychologist and a scientist (who died before I came to the institute, so I never really paid attention to any details about him, which is a terrible thing to say.) A.P. Para-Tech is sort of like a combination school and science lab for people interested in the existence of paranormal phenomenon, and people like me, those with talents.

In addition to regular school work for Institute residents of school age, people with talents attend group therapy, group lessons, and individual lessons with experienced professionals (both 'talented', and not). The idea behind the lessons is to try to gain an understanding of the nature of psychic abilities - why they exist, how they work, why certain people demonstrate abilities while others don't, why similar abilities manifest differently in different people, and the effect the use of talents has on both psychics and others - and to teach people like myself how to control our abilities so we don't go off the deep end and hurt others.

We, the doctors at the Institute and I, don't understand where my particular talent comes from or how it works. It just does. So I can't really answer any questions you might have about that. Sorry.

I'm happy to answer any other questions you might have though. So hit me up. I guess. If you want to.

Wanna' chat?

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Johannes Cabal Report | 08/15/2014 8:34 pm
Johannes Cabal
I do. I usually come home and face plant into a pillow. xd plus I doodle every now and then.
I need to start working out somehow though. Desk sitting all day is making me jittery.

Good! Make them be nice.
Johannes Cabal Report | 08/14/2014 7:32 pm
Johannes Cabal
I'm good. Work's been busy busy. We have projects due soon and it seems like every week, someone's disappearing for a trip.
Mostly quiet at home. Which is good, because everyone's visited for the summer and school's about to start and so on.

How're you? Sounds like you've been kicking butt recently.
Johannes Cabal Report | 08/14/2014 6:14 pm
Johannes Cabal
...That's a scary lady. ... I mean, I can't ever see myself asking a guy that. Unless we were dating... For like a long time.

Johannes Cabal Report | 08/13/2014 4:50 pm
Johannes Cabal
I want to know that story, but I'm afraid to ask.
Holmgeir Report | 08/03/2014 6:35 pm
Happy Birthday! emotion_hug heart
Johannes Cabal Report | 07/26/2014 8:17 pm
Johannes Cabal
Favorite experience? I dunno, it's been kind of slow and nice, working on learning stuff. On the one hand, I'm learning a lot about 3ds Max. On the other, I'm forgetting all my Maya stuff. xd
Mnn, not really on the summery stuff, other than hang outside by the pool once in a blue moon. It's been raining a lot here lately, so that's been rare.

They were cute. Soft and pudgy.
Musical Trinkets Report | 07/26/2014 6:15 pm
Musical Trinkets
Haha, nooo they don't. Actually, what is he thinking being out there in the sun like that oh god has he lost his damn mind. His skin is so thin it doesn't take an hour for the sun to completely scorch him up. Oh gosh just picturing the fallout from Sunburnt Denti is making me giggle though. I can just see him a bright red color all over, complaining up a storm while Disma and whoever poor soul he recruits to help him spends the next few days following Denti around and periodically slathering him up in aloe vera.

Disma loves the water. <33 Anytime they go to the beach, he'll just walk right into the sea and disappear for an hour or so. He'll go where it's super deep and stretch out his other form and just chill for a while. when he's had enough, he'll come back up and sit on the beach, play lifeguard while the others swim or help Denti with his magnificent sand kingdom. It's an honor being his majesty's loyal sand bucket filler.

Work is boring and dull as of late. There's only so many weddings you can cater before they all kind of just start bleeding into each other. </3 We haven't had as many as we did last year though, but i'm attributing that to a festival we had that has lasted nearly a month. Every weekend the town has been crowded with activities and families wandering around. It's keep up pretty good business though, so no one is complaining. <33 OHHH I never thought about filing up a balloon with jello before! Omg that is a brilliant idea. Gonna use that for my secret weapon hehe. <3

Ohh.. that bad, huh? <//3 /gently patpats. I am so sorry friend. You have definitely been working and stressing hard these past few months. :c Trials of fire. </3 Is there any relief in sight?
Johannes Cabal Report | 07/24/2014 5:36 pm
Johannes Cabal
I'm good. Busy at work. I go in early, I conk out early.
Got to play with puppies on Tuesday. They were cute little nippers.
Haven't been up to much, other keeping an eye on ComicCon stuff.
Musical Trinkets Report | 07/24/2014 4:09 pm
Musical Trinkets
Haha, thanks! <3 I thought it would be good for him to get his butt out there in some sand and sun. I figured at least one of us should be able to enjoy the beach this summer lol. OTL

Ohh, I've been pretty good!~ Bored out of my mind though. Anything fun? Pffttt I wishhh. <//3 Too broke to do anything really fun and it's like the freaking sun exploded outside so no outdoor activities. Not yet anyway. <33 Maybe when it cools off i'll head outside and throw water balloons at the neighbor kids. Have a little backyard, end of summer war.

How are you, friend? Are you surviving the dungeons of Lawthor? Have you got anything fun planned for the summer? <33
Musical Trinkets Report | 07/10/2014 4:47 pm
Musical Trinkets
Ick that sounds rough. </3 You have been working pretty hard. I imagine it must be stressful with your whole day filled up with law stuff and having no real reprieve from it. :c I really hope that you'll able to come back and do some RPing in the future though. I know how much you enjoy it. <///3

Ohh~ I'm doing fine, thank you. <3 Actually much better than I was earlier this week. Got very sick from something I ate over the weekend and goodness it just wiped me out. Body is still aching and I'm quite tired but mostly back to normal.
As for what's new, not much over here. </3 It's the dead center of summer and the heat is making it unbearable to even step foot outside. I've been holed up like a hermit for most of the month with my fan on full blast, just getting out for work and errands. Can't wait until fall~ <33

How are you liking your summer so far? <3

Happy to help!

Currently: Jude - Resident of A.P. Para-Tech, psychic, behavioral pusher, Pink-Ribboner

Jude and the others from A.P. Para-tech arrive at the specified location outside of Central City late at night. The Deathsayers debrief them about the upcoming city takeback and what will be expected of them. Jude waits impatiently near the van, ready to go.


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Johannes Cabal on 08/21/2014

You can't fault me for be sociable.

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