Samo oni koji jesu znaju pravu vrijednost ovih rijeci...

Urban Dictionary: choise
to be choise a person or thing must be excellent, very good, or great in any field of endeavour. That run was very CHOISE.

I am 38 years old(some think that I'm too old for gaia but I don't care about that kind of opinion). Croat living in Croatia.
I am Gaian and proud to be one.

People that respect me gain my respect.

I donate randomly so don't beg or annoy me for gold and items(those who do, will be ignored or reported).
ODINs choise:even tho I have 200 ppl on my friends list , I'm still antisocial person
Another thing...Do not send me random friends requests. It will be declined. If you repeat it, your user name goes to ignore list...

MY AVI IS REFLECTION OF MY STATE OF MIND...bare that in your mind...

p.s. addition to this section, well, i seem to be retired from competitive fishing (not true tho, since when ever i fish daily i get into top ten:twisted:)
thing is, these days i only fish on mule account Lord of the rod cause poor guy doesn't own AR yet, so if you see me fishing it will be on that one.
Other reason is that i reached 240k registered catches on this account...smilies/icon_eek.gif (in time it will go over 250k:ninja:)

starfury1981: myst get ur a** back in front of me its not right

ODINS choise: Werewolf in NY is about the guy who was bitten by werewolf in NY LMAO

Neo-flex: smilies/icon_twisted.gif My god it's uncanny you look just like it O.O

Haseo546 Wrote:
could i have ur western zodiac mask?
ODINs choise Wrote:
Could I have your first born to give to gaian gods as offering? smilies/icon_twisted.gif
Haseo546 Wrote:
sure thing

Invictus the Great enters the chat.
Invictus the Great: where do you catch blue bass?
master panda_stixs: Pretty O_o
Cuddle Meh: lol
ODINs choise: in Durem
Invictus the Great: okay, thanks
master panda_stixs: shut up odins lol
Invictus the Great leaves the chat.
master panda_stixs: OMG
ODINs choise: lmao
Cuddle Meh: LOLOL
Cuddle Meh: XDD
blind bondage: >_<
master panda_stixs: that was awesome
ODINs choise: dumb a**
blind bondage: he was wearing ninja head band too lmao
master panda_stixs: Ok DUR DUH DUR
Cuddle Meh: hes gonna be tryin to catch one for a long time lol
ODINs choise: Im still the Lord Slayer
ODINs choise: single cut...
blind bondage: <_< show off



Sigma Blu's soul returned to its owner smilies/icon_twisted.gif


Odin's Insanity

Odin's Insanity

My writing is about things that affect me on Gaia, friends I have,friend I had and friends I'll have. Its mainly about You & Me...



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Nightmare of the Sun

Report | 08/02/2015 11:55 am

Nightmare of the Sun

Panda Ninja v1

Report | 03/29/2015 10:58 am

Panda Ninja v1

Yeah ^^ how are you?
Panda Ninja v1

Report | 03/27/2015 9:08 am

Panda Ninja v1

xD haha
I hidden my room, most of the time for the day. I wasn't in the mood for people coming in my room xd
ninja Always like a ninja ninja
Panda Ninja v1

Report | 03/26/2015 3:07 pm

Panda Ninja v1

x3 all done, for now cus i am doing something irl as well :p -hugs- you're important! heart
Panda Ninja v1

Report | 03/26/2015 3:00 pm

Panda Ninja v1

xd sorry! i was working on profile, end up lazy! heart

Report | 03/26/2015 2:50 pm


Hi stranger
Panda Ninja v1

Report | 03/23/2015 5:16 pm

Panda Ninja v1

eh, no one win my heart.... I play hard to get, that's who I am. lol
I am not easy. ninja
hmm. Kids is most important to me, always be. Not all girls in the room, but yea. B)
Panda Ninja v1

Report | 03/23/2015 5:05 pm

Panda Ninja v1

xP Yea, you're right, I am in her room. I always being brb alot all day. Life is alot of love of struggles. >u< I love my kids heart ninja
Of course, you gets on randomly like a ninja but I saw you! dramallama
Panda Ninja v1

Report | 03/23/2015 5:01 pm

Panda Ninja v1

fishing, to keep up on top 10 in bassken and upgrade Angelic rod plus as well. emotion_dowant
Panda Ninja v1

Report | 03/23/2015 4:53 pm

Panda Ninja v1

Hey c:


Some people are not worthy of my wrath... smilies/icon_evil.gif
some are though... smilies/icon_twisted.gif

gaia_smilies/icon_crown.gif ryuujin o tsuribori gaia_smilies/icon_nitemarewing_right.gif