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immortal265 Report | 12/12/2007 8:16 pm
oh.....i guess it didn't get un-blocked......i was just like connected to the o.o;;;
immortal265 Report | 12/12/2007 6:47 pm
HOLY ******** s**t YEA!!!!! apparently gaia is officially UNBLOCKED!!!! lol....but my dad might change it back at have been warned.....i DID make a new account......but i couldn't stand walking around as even more of a noob than i have on this
kennymqormik Report | 11/25/2007 7:36 pm
post this 2 10gaias and press f5 2 get 10,000 gold
dragonsaver Report | 11/15/2007 6:57 pm
hello montreal i'm goiing to rock your night till morn and have some fun yeahlet's party wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
andino Report | 11/02/2007 4:50 pm
sry needing gold
shadow10456 Report | 10/24/2007 5:40 pm
Hello elisha,

Your so not 13 and your only in grade 7..

im 13 (Boring!)

and dont lie about your age its inmature and childish and thanks for call me a poser **NEWS FLASH** im not a poser.. Im just a b***h lokking for trouble (random i know)

so stop lieing and tell the truth!
Angel of illusions Report | 10/20/2007 6:52 pm
*Le Gasp*

Chur On xD
illuminati was here Report | 10/07/2007 7:51 am
Seymore Redrum Report | 09/23/2007 7:40 am

Seymore Redrum Report | 09/22/2007 6:24 am




About me~

My name is Elisha, I am 13 years old and going into grade 8. I love horses, of course anime and yuri (no i am not bi nor lesbian) my best friend's name is Janeen (guilt-na doll) we have been friends for 6 years now and we see each other every weekend, you do the math. I have a dog, 2 birds and 3 horses that my uncle takes care of outside the city.

~Picture of the week~

[I change my picture of the week every wednesday]

These are the main characters from DearS. DearS was the first anime i have ever watched and... yah


[I change the picture of myself every monday]

~Dream avi~

Total Value: 85,269 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Flamingo Inner Tube
Egyptian Gold Anklet (right)
Egyptian Gold Anklet (left)
Oculus Magica
Buck Teeth
Blue Torque Shades
Mustard Ruffled Top
Blue Forbidden Skirt
Western Zodiac
Enchanted Strings
Elegant Blue Ribbon
Fairy Wand
Jenny\'s Sentimental Clamshell Purse
KoNfuZeD PiNk SHoEz
Daisy\'s Breeze Gloves
Magenta Inflatable Water Wings
Egyptian Gold Bracelet

I am currently questing: september 07 letter

Demonic Paintbrush- 1000 smilies/icon_heart.gif smilies/icon_heart.gif

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Yay an cafe~

KANNONS MINE -steals kannon and runs away-


For those who dont know, this is xo_suicidal-love_ox i just changed my name recently

Great googly moogly!