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Dragonball Z, Naruto Shippuden, Great Teacher Onizuka, School Rumble, Hellsing, Sumomo mo momo mo, Jungle Wa Itsumo Hale nochi Guu, Pokémon, Digimon, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Highschool Of The Dead

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Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Ugly Americans, Archer, Futurama, American Dad, Family Guy, South Park, Kenny VS Spenny, Penn & Teller, Madventures, Gravity Falls, Random

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Fables, Y: The Last Man, The Walking Dead, Detective Conan, Ranma ½, One Piece, Dragonball, Naruto, Hollow Fields, The Amazing Spider-Man, Mass Effect

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Tenacious D, Batman, Nolan Trilogy, Iron Man, Spiderman, Tropic Thunder, The Lion King, Kung Fu Panda, Marvel, Disney, etc.

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Ace Attorney, The Legend Of Zelda,
Mega Man, Metal Storm, Super Mario Bros, Final Fantasy, Ninja Gaiden, Star Wars Battlefront, Knight of the Old Republic, Mass Effect, The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead, Random


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Hello! I'm Simon, 23 years old from Finland.
Most of time I might seem like an a*****e, but that's because I really am... Naat!

I'm a big fan of video games, although I don't play regularily anymore.
Still a big chunk of what I do relates to gaming in one way or another.
My console choice of last generation is 360 and for current Playstation 4.
My favorite developers must be Bioware, Bethesda and Telltale Games for making many of
my all-time favorites like Mass Effect, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Fallout 3 & New Vegas, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and The Walking Dead & The Wolf Among Us.
Also a big fan of Dark Souls and The Legend of Zelda franchise.

Some of my fav. TV Shows are Archer, Futurama, Ugly Americans and South Park and anime like Great Teacher Onizuka, Steins;Gate, Hajime no Ippo and Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei.
My favorite manga series are Ranma 1½, Naruto, Case Closed and Dragonball and from western comics Fables, Y: The Last Man, The Walking Dead and Spider-Man among some miscellaneous superhero albums like Superman: Earth One and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.

I listen all kinds of music, a lot of which are video game tributes and original soundtracks.
The playlists on my profile has a ton of the music that I like.

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Reno Takamiya Report | 09/15/2014 3:34 am
Reno Takamiya
We must have read two different reviews then. The one I read (had those complaints I already posted) and I couldn't understand what they were complaining about after and when I played. Here's the review. I think a '2' is a bit low given how I was able to play through the game without the same problems of what this reviewer supposedly had. I'll admit that the "Eagle Vision" equivalent that they have looks a bit odd and takes a little to get used to. What's with the'*JohnTron? Do you not like the guy or something? I'm only asking because it's the second time I've mentioned him and the second time I've seen you do that. I didn’t mind Miranda but my Mom did comment that she looked like Michael Jackson when I was doing her loyalty mission. I actually began to like her or her motion-capture model more who happens to be Yvonne Strahovski. Who I later on watched in the live-action comedy/spy-drama TV series Chuck. Then I proceeded to put two and two together and she also provided the voice for Miranda. She also happens to play in the new ‘24’ series with Kiefer Sutherland.

Honestly, I never did purchase any Rock Band, Guitar Hero, DJ Hero or any of those rhythm games that needed an extra instrumental peripheral. Even though I wanted to I ended up missing out on the craze. I stopped playing fighting games in the PS2/GameCube era and Street Fighter classic (when I had an emulator on my computer) and Tekken are still my favorites. I did have a King Of Fighters game on PS2 but I didn't play much of it. I guess I just want to be playing a game most of the time and not have to do several different excessive button presses or way’s of holding the controller with six-axis/gyroscopic technology. I don't mind them, but over time, QTE's can tend to get tiring and my hands start to hurt. However, I thought the first Uncharted did a great job with aiming grenades via moving the controller. Resident Evil: Revelations already taught me that the Circle-Pad isn’t great for analog QTE’s after playing. Yeah, you were mostly too occupied with playing Dual Destinies to notice. I’m really hoping that the translation for the next one happens to be better.

I've actually seen several episodes of Beware The Batman. The character you're talking is Professor Pyg and his side-kick is known as Mr. Toad. His first appearance was a cameo in Batman #666 from what I read on Wikipedia. Yeah, well I've seen plenty of people who aren't willing to switch out hard drives. Even so, I doubt PS+ will stay around forever. I don’t think it’ll go away anytime soon, but those “Free” games you get are really only being licensed/sub licensed to you. That’s also one of the biggest reasons I don’t go all-digital besides the size limitations. Even Games With Gold on the Xbox One works a lot like PS+ when it comes to subscriptions now. Whenever these services do go, I can already see the hate from gamers. The only new fighting game I’ll get will probably be Smash Bros. for the 3DS when it comes out. I’ve already heard that the CCP won’t be compatible with the game on the 3DS. It seems like Nintendo wants people to wait until the N3DS is released. There are also already reports of people breaking their Circle-Pad’s by already having played the game in Japan. There isn’t really all the much to reply to. Perhaps that means our discussion(s) are winding down?
Argentstar Legacy Report | 09/14/2014 4:14 am
Argentstar Legacy
oh hell YES! Ive been wanting one for a long time now.. and it was short enough for me to beat before Micheala (my sisters Best friend) was able to which was hilarious because she got it before i did. She was so mad when she heard about it.. Im still laughing because of it. XD
Argentstar Legacy Report | 09/14/2014 3:38 am
Argentstar Legacy
i dont know how i feel about defeating the mars boss.. it seemed almost too easy i mean i got through the game 3 days with at least 10 or less dies overall while i was still lvl 18 but apparently they have events that will continue the plot of the game i think or unless its a DLC? im not sure.. I just find it annoying to repeat all the quests to get cool stuff its like Diablo all over again... *sigh* I want the cool armor and weapons but farming for small amount of points everyday is lame... Ive tried going on "strikes" but i keep getting kicked off before i finish one so i cant get any of the awesome rare item drops because of my lame connection or the server is crazy full...
Reno Takamiya Report | 09/14/2014 3:30 am
Reno Takamiya
No problem. Time flies when you're having fun! emotion_awesome

If you're still talking about Dark, yeah I read some of the reviews for it as well, but I never did understand any of the problems the reviewer had with it. Some of their problems were the AI, the notoriety meter not dropping down fast enough and it being difficult I think anything with Stealth already makes it harder. I've played the game and it's pretty easy to wait for the notoriety meter to drop, and the AI is actually very great at doing their job. My only complaint would be the voice acting on NPC's but I can't exactly fault it because it is a budget-title but it does play very well and is interesting. Dark is also similar to Dishonored in the way it uses powers. Well, not every game happens to be for everyone but this is one of those cases (for me) where I felt like the review I read was incorrect after playing. There will always be a special place in my heart for the Mako! It was actually the first game that my Dad had commented on it as being a movie. Never did play with Javik but that's because I played all 3 ME games on the 360 and I didn't exactly have an internet connection thanks to Microsoft needing that mini router to connect to Xbox Live. Now I have my PS3 so if I ever go back I can do it easier now.

Asura's Wrath will last you about 5 hours. I don't mind QTE's either, but 90% of the time in a game? Yeah, no. There's actually a video by JohnTron where he comments on QTE's. And I remember one in Resident Evil 4 where they put it inside a cutscene and if you messed up you had to redo it over and over and over. I also think he commented on how you didn't know where or when it was coming. Well, that does make sense since it is called Asura's Wrath but I still didn't like the transition from playing as a faster character to back to the slower character I was playing before. I think I'd say that it didn't feel "natural" given the circumstances and how they did the transition. Heh, that reminds me of the cartoon Dragon Hunters where the Voice Actor's voices would sound like they reverberated around the room and then it translated into the show which was weird. I still enjoyed the show but it still felt strange. I actually can't answer the Beware question because when I looked it up I couldn't find anything. All I know is that it's the early years of Bruce Wayne as Batman. One could, but when they run out of space it means having to upgrade hard drives and also having to pay for a reoccurring subscription to keep on playing and get the other PS+ benefits. I've seen plenty of people who want to switch their hard drives in their PS3's but they're worried on what to do and whether or not they can ruin their warranty or not. I do feel like Next-Gen will be worse in terms of digital size, space and PS+.

Physical space is more limited than digital? Do you mean how the disc/cartridge has a certain amount already that can be stored on it? I'd have to agree. However, I've always wondered if they already used a vast amount of the disc/cartridge if the digital equivalent is anything to go by. Also, I wonder if they compress the data in the disc/cartridge so it doesn't take up as much space. For example, 21.7GB (digital) Ni No Kuni and Ni No Kuni (physical) is 1GB. Yeah, reminds me of the altercation between Jack and Miranda and how I had to choose between the two. I ended up siding with Jack, where later on I wish it was with Miranda but I didn't have enough influence with her. To be honest, I didn't really like Jack all that much. It was either her voice actor or the swearing/attitude she had sounded forced and didn't fit well into the Mass Effect universe. Still, I think you should give Baka & Test a chance and it's even on Netflix. Well, here ya go! Dual Destinies (English Translation)
Reno Takamiya Report | 09/13/2014 4:56 pm
Reno Takamiya
Nope. I only ever played as a Warlock and was only able to get to level 8 or 10 in the Beta. Yeah, hopefully it ends up working out for you.
Reno Takamiya Report | 09/13/2014 3:57 pm
Reno Takamiya
Ah, crap. I forgot about your bonus question. Sorry for the extra message. sweatdrop

Destiny is actually fun when playing it solo. I played the Beta a month ago on my PS3 as a Warlock and I was able to get through everything that the Beta offered at the time. Of course, there were times when I died but if you're not in a party and people are around you they can still revive you. The PVP in the game is also fun as well. The only downside to buying it from the US would mean that the any DLC you get would have to be on that account and not on your EU account. Even though recent PlayStation systems are region free the DLC isn't like in that link I happened to link before.
Reno Takamiya Report | 09/13/2014 3:49 pm
Reno Takamiya
I'll send a reply later. But I noticed your Destiny question and this might help. By the way, my only real complaint against Dragon Age 2 is the romance system. Where I wasn't able to do it until close towards the end of Origins with Morrigan. But I was able to get with both Merril and Isabela easily in one playthrough in DA2. I also had to beat that Dragon in Dragon Age 2 with just Fenris when my whole party got killed. lol
Reno Takamiya Report | 09/11/2014 3:33 am
Reno Takamiya
Dark is a stealth game that's all about vampires. Personally, I enjoy it far more than the Thief reboot that was recently made. Dark also happens to be a budget-title and like Dishonored but it's still a fun game if you're willing to get into it. Plus, it has cel-shaded graphics and I'm a huge fan of those and that's another reason why I like No More Heroes the way I do. I remember the first time I played Mass Effect, my Dad came in and said: "What movie are you watching?" And, I'm like, "I'm playing a game Dad." I really didn't mind driving around in the Mako and sending off probes to scavenge for resources. Eh, I guess I just went into Mass Effect 3 without knowing any backstory to the new characters and didn't take the time to research them, that's why I missed the old crew-mates then there's also how we experienced things together. Although, now I know more about James Vega after watching Paragon Lost but that's about it. I didn't hate Dragon Age 2 but it certainly was a departure from what Origins had created. I wonder if Inquisition will be any better and I'm pretty sure it will be. Asura's Wrath is 90% Quick-Time Events and 10% Anime. Honestly, I felt like I'd rather watch it than I would play it. Yeah, you play a few levels as Asura and then they switch you to Yasha who happens to be faster. However, you can't switch between characters on the fly (which I wish you could) so It's pretty much "Play as Asura" and then "Play as Yasha" and then you're back to Asura and stuck with him.

To be honest, I don't remember much about Other M's voices. But I do remember the commercial they did and if that was Samus's voice actor in the background it's not that awful. I think I remember also hearing Adam’s and he didn't sound that horrible either. Haha, I remember when I read in the VGD 'With PlayStation+ why would you go out and buy physical?" Well, mostly because physical takes up less space and not every game will be up on PS+ for “free” nor will it be since PSN doesn't have all PS3 games for digital download. Nah. Brave and The Bold is based on the Brave and The Bold comics in the DC Universe. Frankly, anything Open-World/Sandbox is a given that they'll never be able to squash all the technical bugs. Which is why I wish they did it better when I was playing Saints Row 4. So many crashes, freezes etc. I'm still going to get the "National Treasure Edition" later on and play the new DLC "Gat out of hell" which reminds me of Darksiders but I'm hoping that when I do I don't experience those bugs again. I only ever experienced one bug in Fallout 3 and a guy's gun attached to his face. When I played Skyrim Lydia would pretend to fly like a bird off a 2 foot ledge and that was it. Really? I actually don't mind 3D/CGi animation I actually think it's kind of cool.

I must have forgotten that I shared them before. We've just been having a long discussion that some things get lost and forgotten. Baka & Test is an Anime about a school, students and where they have the ability to use Avatars to battle with in Augmented Reality. Sometimes, they'll have bets for new Classroom equipment and end up losing and get downgraded to crappy stuff like cardboard boxes. It's also a comedy and they integrate the schools tests into the power of the person's "Avatar" and the main character has a special "Avatar" that allows him to physically pick up stuff while others can't. Oh, I actually did say "Monster Hunter" what I meant was Monster Rancher. In Monster Rancher you could take every day CD's/Games and put them into your console/handheld and see what monster would come out of them when you visited the sanctuary. Then, you could take care of them on a Ranch, battle them and it even reminds me of Rune Factory/Harvest Moon and Pokemon now. By the way, checked out the Dual Destinies demo and later on found out about the strange English translation but I'm still interested.
Reno Takamiya Report | 09/08/2014 3:26 am
Reno Takamiya
Speaking of deformed/strange characters, Doug. And others, outside of deformed characters, Baka & Test Opening, Speed Racer. Ed, Edd 'N Eddy and Ghostbusters

Now, I know I said I was going to "stop" but I had one of those "AHA!" moments after you replied with the second comment. By the way, what did you think about the Japanese/JRPG openings I did? I really forgot how great the Suikoden 3 opening & song combination was. Also I enjoyed the ones you chose. Hey Arnold! is worth it if you can get past the character art. Anyways, I think this is about it for me on the last openings because I literally can't think of anymore.

And I just have to say, I personally like the PS3 No More Heroes better than the Wii version. Not just because of the extra content but because of the controls and I don't have to listen to Sylvia through the Wii remote speaking to me. It's a darn shame that they never decided to bring the second game over for the PS3. I forgot to mention a while ago that the Monster Hunter series is also something I'd like on PSN. I just liked the whole premise and idea of the game and the ability to use CD's/Other games to make new creatures.

Now if I ever get Other M then I'll have to plug in all the wires for my Wii again and the last time I did that was to start Xenoblade. I should probably buy a universal Composite/AV cable for my Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3 because my PS3's is starting to die out and it's better than switching around all three around just to play a game.
Reno Takamiya Report | 09/08/2014 3:25 am
Reno Takamiya
Yeah, I heard about that when I looked it up today. Apparently Konami cancelled a patch for the Xbox 360 version and people were able to get a free game as long as they had a receipt proving they purchased the HD Collection. Eh, I've always had the minority of opinion of liking games people don't like. For example, Devil May Cry 2, Dark, Neverdead, Bioshock 2 etc. I'm just able to find the good in things and not write it off because it got bad reviews and others didn't exactly enjoy it. Sadly, PSN only has the original Silent Hill that was on the PS1. Then they have Homecoming, Book Of Memories, Origins and the HD Collection. Which I'm still willing to give it a try but on the PS3 instead of my Xbox 360. Yeah, my favorites in the Mass Effect series are 1 & 2. I didn't hate 3 (and not because of the ending) but I didn't like how your old crewmates were mostly just cameos and you ended up with new people like Diana who was only a shoe-horned "gaming" personality known as Jessica Chobot. Just like they happened to do with Felicia Day in Dragon Age. I'm just not the biggest of fans when something like that happens. I used to like Dragon Age: Origins’ combat until I played Dragon Age 2 and tried out that faster combat which I was amazed by. When I decided to go back to Origins I just couldn't. It's like when I played Asura's Wrath, if you're going to have a guy who's slow and a guy who has ninja-like speed and reflexes make the transition better or give me the option of playing as the faster guy as well.

Ah, thanks for the information on Other M and Onizuka. I'll have to give Other M a chance if I find a copy at GameStop or online since it happens to be pretty cheap now. I'll have to check out Onizuka online or somewhere else. Is there both a manga and anime adaption or is it just one of the two? 9GB's for voices may be ridiculous but the digital version of Ni No Kuni is what strikes me as odd. 21.7GB and the physical copy only take up 1GB? Not to mention next-gen download sizes. Yeah, if I have the option I'll always go physical over digital unless it happens to be digital-only or there's great sale going on for digital games. The Brave And The Bold is worth a watch if you're willing. It happens to be more comical than your typical serious Batman show and has cameos of other DC superhero's like Aquaman, Plasticman etc. Beware The Batman is also interesting but the voice actor doing Alfred sounds Australian which I wasn't exactly happy about. But the original voice actor died but they could have got the guy who did the voice in the Arkham games for Alfred. I actually liked both Goofy Movies. The second movie deals with Max going to College and his Father Goofy actually ends up following him and enrolling. They're also both very funny movies with some memorable moments. Like, "Hi Dad Soup" or "Who's your favorite possum?" and Bigfoot listening to the Bee Gee's in the first movie.

Like I said before, I don’t hate loading screens but I wish they’d actually make them more entertaining. I actually liked how they did it in Max Payne 3 or Mass Effect. I wouldn't even mind if they added a mini-game to them instead of me just watching a stationary screen and a moving loading bar to finish. Luckily, I haven't come across any "Loading Screens" that make me cringe. Technical issues like crashing/freezing bother me more. Yeah, but I think they could have taken the "Summoning of Captain Planet" out of the Outro and put it at the end of the Intro but that's only my opinion. Well, I did also mean the later Superman Animated series but there's also a series of shorts from the 1940's that remind me of that Iron Man series you shared. You should give both of those shows a chance! I wouldn't be sharing the openings (Avengers, Iron Man or any) if didn't like them or the show to begin with. Haha, I was just making a little joke out of "Otaku," "Obsessive" and you being a collector and all.


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