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Alpaika Report | 07/20/2016 8:40 pm
Hahaha yeah I have the grasp of it xD Lol so basically you love animals? A zoo would be perfect for you, you would fit right in lol xP
OMG SOMEONE BRING A DOCTOR! SOMEONE IS DYING FROM HER FANTASY!! Lol that much excitement from just thinking of them, it really is dangerous xD
Lol but you never know what you'll do to them, all those poor alpacas D: xD

Right? And lol sorry to tell you this but, I haven't check his profile, we are still not friends lol so I really don't know what he wrote. But sounds tough, is he sad? for you to wish him happiness, or did something tragic happened?! ( I certainly hope not ) xO
Hahahaha yeah rub it in! MAKE THEM PROUD! PROUD THAT YOU ARE THEIR CHILD!!! lol xD
Ohh no, not fluent at all sadly D: but I can ask for directions, lol if ever I get lost in an unknown land xP

Yeah it's sad but true, we can't do anything about it D: I certainly hope so too!
Lol I know what you mean! Though one of reason I come back is I'm always still hoping I get to talk to my old friends here, that's why I always come back. lol And now I kind of got into the cosplaying arena, so I guess now that's what I do when I really don't have anything to do xD
Hahaha I love those weird hilarious avi you make ( It's mostly animals though ), and omo you draw? I want to see these drawings of yours!!
Yeah it is fun to have people to talk to here, makes you want to come back and stay xD
Hahaha the greedy gaia, it's getting greedier and greedier every year xD Oh!! I love those charm crafting thingy! I used to craft clothes there, it saves me from spending my gold xD I haven't check it for a long time now, I will check it now lol ( thanks for reminding me <3 )

Hahaha I knew I wasn't only one who thought that Zen was the most beautiful place in zOMG! Oh yeah! The undersea was super cool! I love that place too, and of course who doesn't love Village Green? xD I love that garden like place! And oh Otami Ruins, I just remember how I always get lost there, gah the jungle!!
Waa really?? You did?? Where?? When?? Omg I really really hope they bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!
Ohh I was there when they made that announcement, the bad news. So I took some photos on my last moment in zOMG but I should have taken alot before too D: Those memories are so precious!

dramallama dramallama dramallama dramallama dramallama dramallama dramallama dramallama
I feel as if I'm writing an essay lol
Alpaika Report | 07/20/2016 6:10 am
Lol! Hahaha I knew you were crazy for Alpacas but I didn't know you were THAT crazy for them! I think it's a bit dangerous for the Alpacas in Peru if you were to meet them, you never know what you'lll do to them ( not bringing home one I hope )

Hahaha right? I was also quite surprised! And lol you didn't meet Riley in that corner? I seldom see him move from his spot so you could say it's a sight for me to see him anywhere than that corner xD
Hahahaha well traveling to gaia is also fun and you literally talk with random people from all around the world, it's a plus right? xD
No worries here, in fact I think your Engrrrish is quite good! I also apologize if you don't understand what I'm trying to say, I'm not very fluent at Engrrrrrishhhhh

I know right?! It is crazy almost as crazy as you with Alpacas! Oh yeah I saw it in an announcement ( I do not know when it was ) they had those chance box or something where you could win gold,I thought they stopped with it because the inflation is as you said is already crazy, but guess not!
And oh that one! I only donated in that Torii Gate ( not even sure of the name ) or something but after that I stopped because I never get items that I can use D:
Right? It's kind of hard for me sometimes, cause I really love my items every one of them but because you can't earn gold like in the old days I have to sell them! Which breaks my heart everytime, the only way to earn gold is either play kindred ( which is boring ), buy gaia cash ( I don't want to waste my allowance ) or sell the items you have ( heartbreaking for me T^T )

Hahahaha yeah right?! The old days of gaia was I think personally is better than now, but that was just because of zOMG and as you said the prices were reasonable! You get what you work for kind of thing, you farm in zOMG you get gold for it, I love when my hardwork pays off! xD
Hahahah! Well there is a chance it is like that! We will never know for sure D:
Oh I know what you mean! All my zOMG friends never came back either except for some but we hardly hang out anymore since I also was on hiatus! xD And no it isn't just you, I also find it quiet hard to approach gaians nowadays because almost everyone is afk and I dont if they are there or not, so I don't dare to approach them lol
Hahaha I think most people play Kindred because of the items you get and such, but maybe some think it's truly fun but I really can't keep playing kindred for same amount of time I did with zOMG! And yes it would be a bit better if it was a MMO but it's not D:
And yes! I really love the places in zOMG! Especially Zen Garden, it's so pretty!! With all those cherry blossom and the soundtrack! I truly miss all of zOMG! Oh the memories the memories~

Hahahaha! No worries I enjoy reading your love letters for me <3 hurhurhur ^0^

asuina Report | 07/20/2016 4:03 am
orcinus x selachii
Alpaika Report | 07/19/2016 6:59 pm
Hahahaha! We will never fall for your trap!!

Ohhh, lol no worries! And now I'm kind of curious who this person with similar name as me is xD, that person must also like Alpacas
Hahaha same! I only started hanging there 2 days ago I think, it was always empty everytime I pass by so I never really hang there, that was before UnderBridge happened.
Ohhh I know what you mean! I'm always on and off here in gaia, and the inflation took me by surprise! It does seem as most gaians nowadays are more focused on making profit and getting items than just hanging out like in the old days. But well, before there was zOMG and you could go on an adventure with friends which makes it fun, so I guess as you said I also understand them ( I'm also selling to make profit >v< )

And zOMGGGGGGGGGG oh god I miss it sooooo much!! That was the reason I always came back in gaia! I was so heartbroken when they announced the bad news! I met so many good people there, and I still haven't upgraded my rings to 11 yet! I really love all those adventure with friends and random people there, you could chat and do quest or just farm! It was soooo fun! At least there was more thing to do then, than now. I truly wish they bring it back!
And lol I tried Lake Kindred and it didn't take 30 minutes before I stop -_-

Sorry for writing such long message lol
Alpaika Report | 07/19/2016 3:19 pm
Hahahaha! Lol oh now that is awkward! Though I totally get what you mean, people that I've met in Towns nowadays doesn't recognize me without my lovely beautiful green mask, I tried talking again with this person without it but it doesn't seem as if she recognizes me so I was like, okay lets just go away.
So I also have had this "kaboom awkward day" xD

Hahaha right? Super cute! THOUGH! Sorry to tell you this but Shortcake will never ever be your slave, even if all the other stupid Alpacas becomes one!
Hahaha nice to meet to you too!
And no I don't know who she is, maybe I've met her but I'm really bad with people's usernames. Especially if I just had a brief talk with them -_-"
Was she there too? In the weirdo corner?
Alpaika Report | 07/19/2016 2:46 pm
Hahahahaha lol the depressed cat is so formal!
And yes it is me who was with my dearest Alpaca, Shortcake.
I tried to find you but you just disappeared and I was very hungry so I had to go, and of course you can add me!

- Alpaika and Shortcake heart
tyIer1 Report | 07/10/2016 4:32 pm
late night feelings - amacchi heart
Effiez Report | 06/15/2016 12:25 pm
Oooh good luck on your results!!
it's okay, i'm slow as well x3
hahah thanks but nooo, just random boring s**t my avi has on xD
Effiez Report | 06/10/2016 3:18 am
choooww <3
I'm gooood, and how are yooou?
Asterisci Report | 01/01/2016 2:02 pm
hello Chow, I hope that you will have a wonderful new year and that you've been doing well heart
I miss you and hope to talk to you again!

About this girl?

Hiya~ I am Chow and i've been on gaia since 2008.
I love food smilies/icon_whee.gif i can't help it. I also like anime, drawing, art, cooking and collect cute stuffs smilies/icon_heart.gif
I want to go to Japan and Korea one day so badly and that day will come some day!!!
What i hate are rude people.
If you treat me bad you already know what will happen next so don't even start. During the years on Gaia i've come to make very good friends.
I'm glad we are friends O U < and I wish you guys happiness !! <3
Gaia would have been boring without Kirio-Chan ,Miri, Umi, Maccaron, Mojo JOJO (JO), Auv, Eff, jj, Lina, Paige, Eien, Nina, miyumi, Deus , my younger brother ,oeuf,Tobi, Vikk and Deus. (P.s The order does not mean who i love the most. I love you all equally!!) yummy_smilies/icon_puddi.gifyummy_smilies/icon_puddi.gifyummy_smilies/icon_puddi.gifyummy_smilies/icon_puddi.gif
I think that's it. Don't be afraid to leave a comment. I DON"T BITE > W <


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