s**t about me

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Hey person or people that are reading this

Name's Miranda {just call me Octea}
24 / Gemini / Texas
Been on Gaia since Oct 2004
Lingerie sales associate in the real world
Full time CBer & fangirl online

20 random facts

i'm a lingerie sales associate
i do roller derby on the side
my derby name is maulin cyrus (Kinda like miley cyrus)
i have a huge obsession with octopus
my favorite Pokemon are raichu, goodra, and garchomp
I've cosplayed over 20 different characters
sailor jupiter is best Senshi
if i had to pick any race in a fantasy rpg, i'd go with orcs
have trichotillomania & dermatillomania
tea and lemons are my life
i religiously play skyrim, dragon age and fallout
favorite character from steven universe is peridot
fenris from dragon age 2 is bae
own over 200 books (maybe read around 50% of that)
i have a legit fear of being too thin
play ukulele on a daily basis
bands i listen to are be your own pet and perfect p***y
halloween is my favorite holiday
winter is the best season
shrek is love. shrek is life.

getting in contact with me

on gaia


outside of gaia

email: lilcreepypie@gmail.com
skype: octea. (with the period included)
3ds fc: 4828-4581-7849 or 1864-9649-1978

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