fun facts

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✖ I always smell like citrus or cinnamon
✖ I practice witchcraft (not bad s**t, but just don't ******** with me)
✖ Favorite kinds of music: garage rock, nu-disco, and french house
✖ My favorite phrase is "b***h tits"
✖ Dragon Age is my life
✖ I've been cosplaying for almost 10 years
✖ I've met Lori Petty in real life, and cried tears of joy
✖ My left thumb is half an inch shorter than my right (naturally born like that)
✖ I secretly want to be Sailor Jupiter so bad
✖ Raichu is best Pokemon
✖ Pugs, pigs, octopus and foxes are the cutest animals ever
✖ Leather is always in my attire
✖ You give me tiramisu, and I'll love you forever
✖ Favorite comic characters are Harley Quinn, Tank Girl, Jessica Jones, and Squirrel Girl
✖ I have a collection addiction on Gaia. I find it cute, I collect all the recolors with it
✖ Tentacles man. They're the best
✖ I have a dream of having the biggest d***o collection in Texas (PM if you\'re curious why)
✖ Prickly Pear soda and Kraken runs through my veins

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human (?)
weird lover of tentacles and ahegao faces
somewhere on gaia
hardcore player of skyrim and dragon age
into some weird bondage s**t
a secret sailor senshi

song: wreak havoc

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