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The way I am


I am Oasis Wolf! I'm nothing special; and I might not be remembered for something great when I die....but like all of you my life has meaning. I became a mother at a young age, but wouldn't go back in time to change it. I love my daughter and I see a wonderful future for her as well as myself. I'm shy in person so if you ever passed me on the street?.....Well you'd probably not even notice me. However I like it that way. I'm the type of girl who likes to people watch, but hates being watched back. I don't really think I'll ever truly grow up, but people love me either way. I've had to grow in certain ways due to certain things....planning a funeral for your baby when your nineteen is one of them. However my daughter got me through the worst of it. My quirks...I listen to music and get lost in a day dream; I still make wishes on dandelions and one the first star I see that night. I sleep with a Vaporeon plushy I've named Titan. I play Pokemon still and love it! Pokemon movies, and certain videos games can make me cry. Basically, I'm just me, and I'm content with that.
Oasis Wolf

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