About: O'Falla

Race: Shika demon

Age: 600 years

Family: She has a sister named Sakura. She also had a brother, Sora, but he died when she was really young.

Occupation: Demon/Human world border guard

Weapon: Antler Swords (These weapons come right off her head and are replaced by new antlers. Once a battle is over, she will discard the swords in her hands.)

Anime: O'Falla is my OC, but her reference anime is Yu Yu Hakusho. She is old friends with Youko Kurama. They are only best friends, not lovers.

Romance: O'Falla is married to the reindeer, Blitzen. Due to a spell that she knew from her ancient ancestors, she's allowed Blitzen to transform as she does between animal form and faun form. This happened at the Christmas before they got married, because she gave birth to their daughter, Holly, and she wanted him to hold his own child and care for her. And because of his transformation, Blitzen has been retired from pulling a sleigh. He now works with O'Falla as a border guard.

Now Holly is 19 months old and she's about to be a big sister. O'Falla is due to have her baby in September. It'll be a boy.

Appearance: She appears in two forms, demon and animal. In her demonic form, she's a red-headed faun dressed very similar to Youko Kurama style. In her animal form, she's a deer with the same antlers as her faun appearance. In the Shika Demon Society, both males and females have antlers.

About: Blitzen

Race: Reindeer

Age: 200

Family: Blitzen's birth parents are both dead, however he refers to Chris and Martha Kidd (Santa and Mrs. Claus) as Dad and Mom. And likewise, the Kidds think of their reindeer as their children, instead of pets. And it comforts the Kidds too, since after their journey to Elven City (North Pole) Mrs. Kidd had a stillborn baby son and hasn't been able to have any children, due to her and Chris becoming immortal.

Occupation: Former sleigh-puller. Border guard for the Human/Demon World, along side his wife, O'Falla.

Weapon: With the use of spirit energy and a good use of the meaning of his name, Blitzen is able to create a Lightning Whip from the tips of fingers. He kills demons with a power called "Lightning Strike". This move destroys a demon's body upon impact and kills them instantly. Before his transformation to faun, he was performing this action with his antlers.

Friendships: Because O'Falla and Kurama have been friends for many centuries, they often will think of each other as brother and sister, despite having no blood relations with each other. Because of this, Blitzen will call Kurama his brother-in-law and thinks of him like family.

Blitzen's Family: He's a devoted husband and father. He loves his wife and takes care of her, especially during her pregnancy. He loves his daughter and wants to be there to see his son born. This son is actually the spirit of the child Martha and Chris had, who was stillborn. This is how this deer-faun couple knew he was going to be a boy. They received his soul at moment of conception. He will be born a faun, but they are going to keep his original name, Johnny Christopher Kidd. Martha and Chris aren't minding they will be his grandparents, but he's back in their lives, and that's all that really matters to them.

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