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Hey there person alien.
I'm gonna do a little introduction about my bestfriend here. First and foremost, her name is Aina. We call her Buninay or Nins more often.
Her first breath was last January 7, 1995. A pure Filipina, ftw.
Hobbies, hobbies, hobbies. She actually sings a lot that she even type in the lyrics of the song.
Eating, is what she does best.
She eats ice cream, fried garlic o.o and potatoes most of the time.
Her best feature is probably her eyes. And did I mention that she's tall? xD She's a good and charming girl.
Her face also speaks her personality that's why we have been together for so long, I think it's two years now.
She have been to gaia for so long now. She is not quite friendly to everybody because she annoys them a lot but above all this, she is very jamming to us and to her closefriends. She actually welcomes someone she likes. It's like, she can know the attitude of that person right away. o.o Well, speaking of friends, we have a circle of friends and actually hang out at towns 2040. We have a lot of good memories back then, and even now. When something goes wrong, she always makes it worse. LOLJK. SHE ALWAYS MAKES IT BETTER.
Probably not perfect but she's the best. <3

She’s a straight female, Asian, and have been in GAIA since 2009.
Vibrant is the best word to describe this pretty little miss.
She’s a very bright person, fun to be with, lots of laughter and stories to tell, but most of the time, serious talks about her family and life.
She has a lot of friends, most of which she found online ‘cause she’s not fond of going out of their house.
We never get to have boring hangouts together, although we haven’t really seen each other in real life yet.
It came as a surprise that we’ll be as close as this because the way we got acquainted was quite so sudden.
It started with my friend introducing me to her, then she said “brb” to buy an ice cream.
When she came back (eating her ice cream), I randomly asked if she could share me some.
Well, with her heart of gold, she didn’t give me any hahahaha xD
But I’m telling you, she’s a loving friend, one you can depend on. :”>
After that we started getting to know each other, talking about anything under the sun until we get to where we are now.
I must say that I could never find any other friend who will be closest to my heart,
for me she’s like the best little sister I could ever have, although she may never know it until now.
Stay the same. We love you for who you are.
If you want to know more about her, don’t be shy, she doesn’t eat humans anyway. Ciao!
-ii Icee


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Jessa Marie Montero

Report | 04/24/2014 12:49 am

Jessa Marie Montero

Main ko. emotion_awesome
Soranie Holmes

Report | 04/18/2014 8:12 pm

Soranie Holmes

hahaha kidnapin niyo na ako :C
Soranie Holmes

Report | 04/18/2014 7:31 pm

Soranie Holmes

lowlaaaaaaaa emotion_kirakira i wubs ur profileee hehehe and u moar emotion_bigheart

Report | 03/21/2014 6:29 am


Bebelabs. emotion_kirakira emotion_bigheart
cyka xaxaxaxa

Report | 03/12/2014 9:51 am

cyka xaxaxaxa

I mean won't lol. Sorry using mobile.
cyka xaxaxaxa

Report | 03/12/2014 9:50 am

cyka xaxaxaxa

Huehue sure no prob. : ) lol why wont your friend yori accept my trade? : (

Report | 03/06/2014 4:52 am


thank you lola

Report | 03/02/2014 3:18 am


Enjoy the wisteria sea!

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Thanks for buying!

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