-is BLACK!!!!
-is religous (I love the Lord even if you don't), but I don't go to Church.
-loves dogs.
-'s favourite types of movies to watch are RomComs, Comedies and sometimes Actions (The actor has to be damn good for me to enjoy an Action Movie).
-'s favourite Mythical creatues are Vampires and Werewolves <3.
-'s favourite Anime(s) are: Gungrave, Vampire Hunter D, Attack on Titan and AirMaster.
-'s favourite Movie(s) are: Fast and the Furious Franchise (R.I.P Paul Walk..), Harry Potter Franchise, Underworld Franchise, Xmen Franchise and Van Hellsing.
-'s favourite Writer is Patricia D. Cornwell (I absolute LOVE her novels with Dr. Kay Scarpetta whom is the Chief Medical Examiner. Her novels are thrillers by the way ^^. Want alil read up?
-'s favourite Rap Artist is Eminem.
-'s totally into music that makes her sing along loudly.
-has bad memory but is loved!
-considers herself to be a nice and funny person
-is always interested in making new friends and wants to keep the ones she has now.
-'s hair is owned by DancingTuna.
-'s best friend on and off Gaia meaning Online is Rockero (We call each other Coqui), but he isn't around much anymore (=().
-loves all her people.
-cannot remember anything she might have missed (xD).

-has finally editted this part of her profile for the first time since 2005, it's 4th August 2014. Last edit: 26th March 2015.


Stormy's Haven

Well this is use to be my place for Art but it has grown to be my lil Santuary and I love it. It has alil bit of Art from way back, personal stuff and jokes all for viewing, entertainment for you and sanity for me. Thanks fer viewing! Smooches to you


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Thanks for the support heart
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Thank you! heart

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that may be the result, anyway, if I accidentally fall asleep, lol. *hugs* ty bby~

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Unfortunately, that's what I've been trying and while I understand theirs they fail to see mine and are upset at me for it.

Or that's how it feels, anyway. No matter what I say, the point I'm trying to make is never the point that's focused on. sweatdrop

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Yes, but trying to get someone you love to see things the way you do can be very difficult. sad
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Well thank you =)

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Anyone ever tell you that you're good with bookmarks?

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Did you just happen on my profile through stalking? Naughty girl. heart


Stormy has: Been part of Gaia since 3rd August 2003.
Stormy is: One of the Original 2k5 Grombies.
Stormy: Likes to say "Moo" and to RP.
Stormy: Needs some avveh art.
Stormy's Current goal: Finish all the puzzles. smilies/icon_whee.gif