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thornsap Report | 11/30/2016 10:37 am
what if you decided to not major in nursing anymore?
oh god i can't study weeks beforehand either

you probably did tell me..i mean i must have asked in the past.
we've known each other for a while now

i prefer to call you by your real name but if we dont' talk for a while i'll forget sad
my rl name's cindy! i lied about my name in the past bc i was a kid and scared lol

haha that class was a while back.
if i remember correctly i think my grades were fine
thornsap Report | 11/29/2016 8:43 am
ALSOO omg i was in a video editing class it was hella frustrating
because i had to work with someone in all of our projects ugh
my friend didn't know what to do most of the time so i had to do like 90% of the work
thornsap Report | 11/29/2016 8:40 am
oh, another gaian friend who's majoring in nursing
how's it going so far?

feels bad to admit this but i would fall asleep in all of my classes because i had to get up at like 5 am and i was too tired to function
so how do you study?

i really didn't like my poopy Bleach name but didn't have any username ideas...
i'm sorry if you told me your real name already but you should if you haven't
unless you want me to address you as Mokona
thornsap Report | 11/27/2016 10:32 am

is graphic design not your major in college?
do you just do it for fun?

my study habits are pretty bad too User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
i wait until last minute but i have the memory of a goldfish ... why do i even bother??
i just can't study in long sessions
thornsap Report | 11/26/2016 4:04 pm
three weeks seem like a long time...but think of all the food you could be eating User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
dont you use a lot of layers and change their opacity? it doesn't seem like it'd take long at first but it's really time consuming
and awww, good luck on your finals!!!
thornsap Report | 11/25/2016 7:28 am
aw that sucks (unless you don't like family gatherings)
i hope you'll eat a lot of tasty food today emotion_omnomnom

but when you have too many textures and don't know where to start
thornsap Report | 11/24/2016 6:46 pm
thanks, happy thanksgiving to you too! i surprisingly didnt eat much lol. did you gobble everything down? emotion_omnomnom

omg you have a usb just for your textures or for other things as well? that's so cute idk why
thornsap Report | 11/24/2016 6:48 am
tbh gaia is so predictable with what items they're going to make. they either get "inspired" by tumblr, anime, or tv series. rofl
same here, i thought gaia was recoloring items because they were running out of ideas

you probably still have your magic touch emotion_kirakira
i've actually been interested in graphics for a while now but i never really got good at it..
i used to download a lot of brushes and then have no idea what to do with them
thornsap Report | 11/23/2016 7:49 pm
yep, i did
1 person just said they liked it and i should change my eyes lol
no kidding. there are SO MANY COLORED RELEASES. melty? royal icing? bubble melt? what are these color combinations
i've never really quested for items, just gold so i can make future avatars :>
ive had photoshop for a while but have no clue how to make graphics lol..i just click on everything and it works rofl
your graphics are so pretty <3
thornsap Report | 11/23/2016 6:31 am
thanks, i like it too. this is like the first time i actually used a background lol.
i was thinking of getting an astra item but they don't have anything that's red and placed near the moon
i know, right? i never kept up with the items they released or re-released in different colors, tbh, i just used tektek for that
yeah the inflation is pretty bad. i dunno how much a couple of mils back then is worth now
it's so hard to make an avatar without spending 50+bil on an item.
i'll try and help you if you need anything <3 i know the struggle

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