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Monthly Collectible Letter for April 2014 [x2]


The Origin of My Username

    Well, it was originally a different version of a name in the manga called "Kurohime" where the main character's name changes as she gets 'smaller'. at one point she goes by 'Himeko' and I liked the name. At the time I also liked the name 'Hanajima' from a character in "Fruits Basket". This anime/manga is where I got the name 'Kyoko', a name I used prior to this. I put them together and got the name I use today 'Hanako'. When I did come up with the name I wasn't too keen on it and was using 'Okon' at the time. A Japanese name I got out of a baby book while looking for a name for my sims. So, how did I come to actually like the name 'Hanako'? really simple to be honest. I was looking trough some names and things on google and found some things on it. It was a name of a Japanese version of 'Bloody Mary' and it means Flower Child.

    How does one pronounce my name?
    It is 3 syllables and is pronounced Ha-na-ko.

    Nicknames of Hanako I've heard:
    Hana and Han
    I have no idea where Han came from and it's also a little newer.

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My Life Story

Status: Semi-hiatus
Reason: Schooling

Updated 7/29/13
Hi, my name is Hanako. I tend to spend most of my time in the forums and booty grabbing. I assume I'm easy to approach and I'm very outgoing online. Sadly, I do not like random friend requests from people who I've never spoken to before. I'm simple and I like the internet. c: I guess you would have to chat with me to really get a feel of who I am and how I act.

Thinking about gifting me?
I like anything Navy or Teal.
I like Cat and Panda items
I like the Ciel Series
I like anything tbh.
It doesn't have to be on my wish list.
Heck it can be a gold shop item for all I care or something worth 1g.

Thinking about PMing me?
Keep it PG13.
No begging

Thinking about adding me?
No random adds
get to know me

Also, If you wonder who I am,
I change my username often,
here is a list of old usernames I've gone by:

Okon Love