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status: semi-hiatus
reason: not really sure anymore

Updated 7/29/13
New Update!: 7/21/14

Hi, my name is Hanako. I tend to spend most of my time in the forums and booty grabbing. I assume I'm easy to approach and I'm very outgoing online. Sadly, I do not like random friend requests from people who I've never spoken to before. I'm simple and I like the internet. c: I guess you would have to chat with me to really get a feel of who I am and how I act.

I'm mostly active during GSW

    Social Media
    Tumblr: o-HANAKO-o
    dA: Kyoko Fujika
    Facebook is only given out to people I'm closer to.

    Thinking about gifting me?
    I like anything Blue, Pink, Mint, or cute
    I like Cat and Panda items
    I like the Ciel Series
    I like anything tbh.
    It doesn't have to be on my wish list.
    [Note] my wishlist is outdated, please ignore it.
    Heck it can be a gold shop item for all I care or something worth 1g.

    Thinking about PMing me?
    Keep it PG13.
    No begging

    Thinking about adding me?
    No random adds
    get to know me

    My Mules.

    Also, if you wonder who I am,
    I change my username often, so
    here is a list of old usernames I've gone by:

    HanakoSleepsInYourBed, Kyoko_Fujika, KyokoFujika, Kyokofujikasensie, Kyokothehappykiller, Okon Love, XxKyokoFujikaxX, -_-o0thecatlover0o-_-, Kitten4ever, Kitten101101101

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