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Heyo, I'm Dylan, I've been here about ten years or so. I'm 24 at the time of this update. My birthday is May 1st, 92, You do the math. I'm about 6'2" and around 150ish lbs. I've got strawberry blond hair and green (I think) eyes. I'm not really accustomed to doing biography type s**t, but oh well. I play a lot of games and watch a lot of youtube. Aside from working, that's pretty much all I do. I'm not particularly useful in any way, I'm not an artist, a musitian, a writer, or even overly good at any of my games. I just... am. I suppose I'm funny, but that's really up for debate. I've even mostly fallen out of touch with this site, not because I stopped liking it, just because I'm busy and my computer died a long time ago, I'm actually updating this on my PS4. I'll have more later, but for now, I have the brain fart.


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This is the story of my life. There are ups and downs, but I'd like to document it as it goes along.



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VintageRomance Report | 09/17/2016 8:11 pm
possibly! rofl rofl
VintageRomance Report | 09/15/2016 10:01 am
IIM GLAD YOU ASKED, because sims are life xD those aren't even all of them either rofl rofl all together (including different platforms) I have 25 heart heart
VintageRomance Report | 09/10/2016 9:17 pm
as am I 3nodding
VintageRomance Report | 09/10/2016 2:53 pm
well yea xD I'm never on someone's gaia profile well I'm on my best friends but that's a given x) I'm flattered thank you xp
VintageRomance Report | 09/10/2016 1:35 pm
yayyyyy I'm a real life friend on your profile!
VintageRomance Report | 09/09/2016 8:25 pm
ohhh my god it took you all day to realize that ?? rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl dork
VintageRomance Report | 09/09/2016 12:45 am
good sir, I commend that because you are probably the richest gaia (without buying gaia cash) that there is to date
VintageRomance Report | 09/09/2016 12:38 am
I could tell xD you know you can sell it for a ******** of gold then get a better looking dragon o: its crazy how the marketplace and currency on gaia changed so much og s**t is worth like... 20,000,000,000 now...
VintageRomance Report | 09/09/2016 12:23 am
yeeee you're online! and ofcourse you are you're one of my friends that have a gaia plus your avi looks cool xp
Shad0wPhaxx Report | 11/24/2012 7:56 pm
Beeestie lol 'tis no big deal. It's not like you forgot xD I still luffs chu.
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We got real life friends up here with me ^.^

We got some of my oldest gaia friends that are now long distance irl friends as well.

We got my secondary profiles down here