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BitchyAngela Report | 09/01/2015 2:10 pm
dramallama dramallama dramallama dramallama
planedonutkun Report | 08/07/2015 9:21 pm
Thanks for buying!
SmolPrince Report | 08/07/2015 1:08 pm
super slow, but that's expected.
SmolPrince Report | 08/06/2015 7:46 am
omg. |D
heyo nyu, i'm good.
what you up to, sweetie?
Kaleidosaur Report | 06/02/2015 11:14 am
I'm a baker! I bake lots of yummy stuff~ It's only until I finish University though, then I'm gonna be a voice actor.
Kaleidosaur Report | 06/02/2015 11:06 am
Not much. Been pretty restricted cause of work lately, but now I have the day to relax before going back. OTL I need a vacation~
Kaleidosaur Report | 06/02/2015 10:43 am
Welcome back~Sounds like a good idea to me.
commander sen Report | 05/02/2015 9:41 am
Kaleidosaur Report | 04/19/2015 12:25 am
They are ^-^ Oh no! Are you in a dangerous neighbourhood?
Kaleidosaur Report | 04/18/2015 12:27 pm
Those are pretty! They've got really intricate outfits too. I can't find mine on that site thingy, but I have a picture of one of them here: http://tinypic.com/r/xcuo76/8
I got him so I could make clothes for him to learn how to sew~