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Rippy Lalawhee

AMU Danjo!


Yo I'm Nyte.
I'm a roleplayer. I mostly roleplay anime crap.
Typically I tend to roleplay Rip Van Winkle from Hellsing or whoever, and have been doing so for over a year.

I'm only ever really here when my roleplay group is silent.
My group is AMU, or Anime Maniacs United. A roleplay group that originated on neopets, but, from the extensive adult material we roleplay, moved onto a seperate forum.

I also draw alot. Mostly doodles and crap.
Dont ask for art from me. I wont do it.
Unless I'm getting paid alot or I like you.

I also have this infatuation with Rip Van Winkle. She sexay.
I luff her.

I hate weeaboos and losers, and jump on the opportunity to harrass them. If you get harrassed by me,
that means I think you're a moron.

That is all.

I roleplay Rip the most in my roleplay group. Both Rips, the 1999 one and the 1944 one.
As of currently, 1999 Rip is married to Wolfwood of Trigun and has a son named Max, is the adopted sibling of an original character named Haru, the adopted daughter of Hitsugaya, the adopted grandaughter of Ed, and a whole bunch of other crazy family ties that I cant even type out because I get confused... let's just say somehow she's related to Kadaj, Yazoo, Ikuto, Kirara, Demyx, Sasuke, Ouka, Lust, Mukuro, and Pyramid Head. It's really freaking hilarious...
1944 Rip has a rough life and already has zero self-esteem and paraplegia(courtesy of Pyramidhead). Cid Highwind is acting like daddy for her, and she has a fondness for Ezio of Assasins Creed and Sephiroth of FFVII. She was also bitten by a werewolf and is currently... some sort of freak. :B
Actually no wait, she regained use of her legs and was raped and had rape baby stolen. Lol, her life still sucks.
Wait, she got it back. lol. nevermind.

Rip so far holds the record for the largest number of breakups. (5)


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Javier Cross Report | 06/12/2014 8:27 pm
Javier Cross
Unless the twilight sequels, House of Night or 50 Shades of Grey are somewhere on the list, its safe to say I'm not too worried for the most part.
Or rather, compared to how worried I'd usually get.

Also worth noting that The Main Anime and the Movies aside, were it not especially for the Manga Spin-offs to factor in, even I must concede that
the World of Madoka Magica would not have been able to develop as gracefully nor as reasonably within the 3 years of time it had, as it did
as at best, it would have required twice as many years being generous without the Spin-offs.
That's because apart from the Anime and the Movies, most of the known info about the Meta-Plots stem heavily from the Manga spin-offs available.

Though if we gotta factor in the Manga spin-offs, we'd have to factor in the 'side-stories' or the In-world Glossaries like The Tales of Beedle the Bard or
Fantastic Beasts and where to find them, and we especially have to factor in Potter-more, because at least one of the events described in the first of the 3
proved a Major deal in the main 7 Potter-world volumes(The Tale of the 3 Brothers, anyone?)

One Piece in terms of story-lines has a slower pace than most of the dot hack(.hack) shows not named Quantum, which in pacing is the opposite of the earlier dot hack(.hack) shows before it the last I checked.
Not to say that One Piece is an atrocious series or anything of the sort, quite the opposite but were it not for the colorful personalities and consequences, I'd question whether or not I'd want to go
watch or read more about it I will admit.

You go to Tumblr or Recolor.me, then?
Javier Cross Report | 06/12/2014 7:43 pm
Javier Cross
Tell you what, if I ever find Princess Tutu on Netflix, I might give it a watch at some point, amen to that much?

Even the effort of working to dissect a world to see what hidden meanings that world possesses has a hidden meaning all on its own, correct?

True, I won't deny that the manner where each of the 3 worlds' main story-lines start out is generally different, whether it be subtle or radical, and normally speaking
the focal point in the common grounds is that at least one 'Lost Child' is included in the main cast somewhere, trying to find their True Purpose in life and live long enough to uncover it.
You have a fair point with The World of Madoka Magica having a more immediately obvious goal in its story-lines than the Potter-world or dot hack(.hack) generally would present
themselves with, a lot of times though.

Most of all, whether said world bleeds enough consequences in terms of numbers or weight to make the revelations worthwhile, yes?

Still, if its of any positive meaning, the Potter-world and dot hack(.hack) had about 14(Brought in 1997) and 10(brought in 2001) years respectively to get their respective World-lore together before The World of Madoka Magica gets into the mix, and considering we're in 2014 and you count the Manga Spin-offs, it feels more awesome
to fathom how Madoka Magica as a World is doing in 3 years or less what's taking the Potter-world and dot hack 17 and 13 years respectively to do and displaying prominent
events outside the nation where we're introduced to its world initially, and no matter between the Potter-world and Madoka Magica which is more aware of its Meta-plots,
you can't deny that 3 years of doing all this is no mean feat of accomplishments to take lightly.

Fair enough all the same though, for all I know you could be multiple people sharing the same account and I wouldn't know it, I could be quite insane and I wouldn't know it,
but the point is that this kind of discussion deserves a thread all on its own but we can't find the right forum in the site to host it with.
Javier Cross Report | 06/12/2014 7:01 pm
Javier Cross
You mean aside from having to remember that Consequences do exist, rather than ignore the fact the lead mains aren't the only ones bleeding the consequences
altogether if we're 'lucky' or if we're unlucky, think consequences are non-existent and void?
Granted, not everyone experiences Consequences at the exact same time as everyone else, but it still happens to them even if at a slower rate than others.

With Madoka Magica and The Dresden Files novels by Jim Butcher = Despair is very bad, do not catch it.(Granted, the latter is generally more low-key about it than the former, but its there.)
That's a matter for another day to elaborate with, but if I had to guess, the dot hack(.hack) universe is between the Potter-world and Madoka Magica as far as what's being developed is concerned, correct?
Some dot hack(.hack) eras have a stronger mainline Plot in itself than others, even outside of the games and without regarding the Meta-plots at work if it helps.

What about as far as the Meta-plots in all 3 are concerned?
The dot hack(.hack) universe might clarify that a Meta-plot for it exists somewhere and it feels more aware of it than the Potter-world or Madoka Magica, world-wise.
Which if that's the case, I wonder between the Potter-world and Madoka Magica with which world's more aware of its Meta-plot than the other overall, if we count the Madoka Manga Spin-offs
to the mix along with Pottermore.(I did read most of the Manga spin-offs that were released if it helps.)
You add either to the mix, and I'd sense a rather tough call at work if anything, there.
Javier Cross Report | 06/12/2014 11:35 am
Javier Cross
So how does Madoka Magica or Kill La Kill each stack up, compared and contrasted with the Potter-world(including the main 7 Harry Potter novels by J.K Rowling) and dot hack(.hack) in general,
as far as worlds are concerned?
Kymla Report | 05/29/2013 7:41 pm
Now what are you dressed as
Doctor Nitrus Brio Report | 03/27/2013 7:47 pm
Doctor Nitrus Brio
Doesn't suit my test. Thanks for the suggestion as I have never heard of it before.
Doctor Nitrus Brio Report | 03/24/2013 5:25 pm
Doctor Nitrus Brio

Glad you are getting better...

I am bored Nyte, any video games your recommend? Browser games will do.
Doctor Nitrus Brio Report | 03/24/2013 3:55 pm
Doctor Nitrus Brio

I hope your leg is getting better

Pinkprint Report | 01/29/2013 7:06 pm
Thats very true xD
Pinkprint Report | 01/29/2013 6:56 pm
I know it reflecting upon the game and not Pewdiepie. Im not like other people that like to sit through clips like that but I really think the game is well made...Awsome graphics, beautiful graceful.... But I like laughter more than beauty.


Doctor Nitrus Brio
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Yer a lazy bum, Nyte.

I know. :3


I like kitties

Rippy mine. <3