My name is Katt. I'm 23 years old.
I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. Yes, Canada.

If you want information about my profile, it's located at the BOTTOM of my About Me (This section). Please don't private message me about it.. Just scroll down..


I purposely have my equipped list hidden, so you can be creative and make your own avatars, instead of copying mine!
If you have a QUESTION about what I have on, then just ASK.

I've been a member of Gaia since April 28th, 2004. I've been here through Sushi Errors, April Fools, Balls.. You name it. Gaia is like my second home. I've met a lot of really special people on here, who even after my time on this website comes to an end, I will NEVER forget. The internet was the last place I thought I'd make lasting friendships, but I was wrong. I care a lot about these people.. For now, and forever. I love you guys more than you'll ever know. Friends are like a beautiful rose garden, you have to work hard to keep them perfect, that way you can show them off to all the world. I would protect you guys to the end. I'd do anything for you. That's how much you all mean to me, and I mean that. If I could, I'd give you the world.. Ever-lasting love will have to do though. The world is a little to big to wrap, plus, re-gifting is cheesy, since you ALL have given me the world.. Or at least that's what it feels like. It truly is a pleasure to know each and every one of you as a person, and not just a pixel and a user name; and I can only hope you feel the same.. I also hope you know I'd walk to the end of the Earth and back for each of you.. So if you tally that up, that would be a lot of walking.. But it would be worth it, if it made each of you smile.
I strongly believe that I've got the best group of people surrounding me.. Even though you're all miles away from me, I hope you all never EVER forget how close to my heart you are; and that's one thing that will never change.. Ever. You all are amazing. Simply put. I'm so honored I can call you friends.
Don't ever change.. for anyone or anything.

Friends to me, resemble the Mind, the Body, and the Soul; They help keep your mind at ease when you're in difficult times, or when you have a problem you don't know how to deal with.. they're always there for you, to pick you up when you stumble, or especially when you fall. They are each strong, and even stronger when they come together for you.. which is how they're the body. They are the soul, because without friends like you, it's like I'd have no soul. With each new friend we make throughout our lifetime, we're shaped a little more. Friend make us who we are, and without them, we would be nothing.

I love you guys.

I have the most Amazing man in my life. I would be lost without him. It sucks to take such a long time, and go through so much pain to find the right one, but I'm glad I did. He knows how to make me smile, even when all I want to do is cry. He helps me through tough times and makes sure he's right there beside me, helping me through and picking me up if I fall. He truly is the sunshine in my life on even the darkest of days.. He is the Yin to my Yang. Look him up by clicking the small flower at the bottom of this profile.

I'm a very easy going person. I like to listen, and I like to talk. I value my friends as if they were made of solid gold. I'd protect them with my life, and do anything for them. I don't like being lied to, or cheated. I value honesty and integrity.. I don't pass around my trust like a cold during flu season.. It takes a long time to earn it, and even longer to earn it back, if at all if you break it.![/align][/size]

Artwork done by Lhance (Shop below)

And BIG thanks to Phoenix for the Profile Design. (Shop below)
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The song playing in the background: Adrian von Ziegler - Night Mist.[/align][/size]


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My Journal.

A journal of just about everything I do. Mostly planning on keeping track of Alchemy stuff here.



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Dark Angel Ara

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Dark Angel Ara

-gives a hug-
Free Pantsu

Report | 07/10/2015 11:15 pm

Free Pantsu

Would you mind selling the wings for Gaia cash? o: Or do you need the gold?

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congraZzles on that 11th year dear!
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Sly x Legend

Report | 03/07/2015 11:25 am

Sly x Legend

Congrats on the Bee March!
Sly x Legend

Report | 03/07/2015 8:58 am

Sly x Legend

You didn't have to add items you silly!
Then again I know how much you donate heart
Thank youu
I shall try to get more
Sly x Legend

Report | 03/07/2015 8:48 am

Sly x Legend

LOL mk
Sly x Legend

Report | 03/07/2015 8:35 am

Sly x Legend

Sure, which do you need?
If I get any I'll donate
Sly x Legend

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Sly x Legend

Thank you for the buy, Nymphy <3

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          Thanks again for buying ^-^


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          Thanks for buying ^-^


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My 10 year dream for a Halo will be crushed by a greedy b*****d.

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