It's Getting Better

Things are still tough.

Paternal grandmother died mid-October. No more grandparents. I've only cried in reaction to others' tears. Wonder what that means for me.

Sister is... recovering. Steadily. I hope. We had a bit of a cat fight. We discovered we both inherited our mother's signature slap. My face is still tingling.

The anniversary is coming up. I wonder if we're ready.

Gaia moves too quickly. I wonder if I'll be able to adjust if I ever become active again.

In lighter news, after fighting, my sister and I decided to bond over Persona. The rhythm game is hilarious, but helps lift the spirits. Maybe we can face ourselves one day, too. Through dance.

(I hope my Persona is a mermaid.)

P.S. Melodramatic pondering aside (I'm taking a poetry workshop class thing so all my thoughts have been weird like this recently), it really is getting better. My family is made of tough stuff when it comes down to it. We all just need a hand sometimes.