「Tree of Life ~ Roots」


[/muffled sobs of doom and sleep deprivation]

I'M ALIVE AND WORDY AS EVER. TL;DR PEOPLE JUST KNOW I'LL BE MOVING TO ANOTHER ACCOUNT: LOOK, IT'S YEUL. but i'll still check in here from time to time so no biggie

So. So.


I have, like, no time for anything anymore. D: Though anyone who might happen to try to keep track of people and wondered "Oh hey, I wonder if Yeul is still alive?" and found me inactive probably already guessed that.

But yeah. I don't have a lot of time free to do much online these days. I still check up on Gaia though. When I can.

...Even if I don't post.

O-Or interact in general.


But anyway, for pretty much no reason in particular I'm... not necessarily abandoning this account but rather mostly just moving back to an old one? I don't really expect anyone to pay attention to this since I've been inactive so long, but in case any of you are, I will log in from time to time with this lady here when not paying attention to this account.

I don't think I'll get to be anywhere near as active as I was before, but who knows. It's summer so I have some break time coming up. Ish.