About the... Whatever-She-Is

- FORGETFUL (She forgot changing usernames sorta resets the profile and, on top of that, forgot what was there previously.)

- A writer of sorts. English major, hell yeah?

- Really into myths and legends. Mermaids are a big one.

- Really, really into messing around with said myths and legends.

- Warrior of Light (i.e. she plays and is an ardent fan of FFXIV: A Realm Reborn.)

- Is often away/on semi-hiatus. Life is a b***h.

- Forever working on the WG RPG. If you're interested in taking over because you can't stand her slowness, feel free to PM and she'll relinquish it to your capable hands with a tidbit or two if you need a few pointers.

- Flounders between quiet and blabbermouth settings. Feel free to tell her when she's doing too much of either. She desperately needs to find balance.

- No. Seriously. Feel free.

- Coming up with this as she goes. Updates whenever. Ish. Rarely ever.

- OH. Goes by Nymeia or Nym or whatever variant of her username you wish. Also goes by Yeul. Either is fine.