Not to be unkind or anything. But do NOT pm me to raise or lower my prices (I will not be involved in AI-ing any item). I follow marketplace pricing trends - and/or what is reasonable in terms of Alchemized items.

I do NOT care what Tek-Tek says because that site is NOT affiliated with GaiaOnline in any way, shape or form.
And as far as items crafted in Alchemy, I do NOT care about the graphs.
People tell me I should not expect to get a profit in Alchemy. Well, I also should not expect unfair returns where I cannot even make back half of what I spent in making said item. That includes the robot dog. So do not tell me I cannot sell my dog or wig or any other item I crafted at a pittance. It is unreasonable and unfair. If the prices needed to make these items were a lot cheaper, the crafted items would be cheaper as well. Do not blame me for certain caches and items used as components being very expensive. Not my fault.

I do not mind selling items in bulk, but I do not do so for discounts that are unfair to me.

(what part of NOT do people not understand. This includes sealed letters)
All sales are final.
To all Flower Pickers and Paper tossers/pickers, junk trashers, fishers...
You can send trades with all your flowers/paper/old boots/old cans/guppies/goldfish en masse to avoid sales tax.
for REASONABLE price each


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Slick Southpaw Report | 08/21/2014 2:00 am
Slick Southpaw
yeah it has to do with digestibility

just didn't expect it to happen to me

fortunately it's not super serious, just aggravating
Slick Southpaw Report | 08/21/2014 1:34 am
Slick Southpaw
bleh, it's more of an annoyance than anything else because I super love cheese and milk crying

it just sorta started coming out of the blue
My_Ashes Report | 08/19/2014 11:31 pm
you are the cutest cat EVERRRR!!!!
My_Ashes Report | 08/13/2014 2:05 am
Will it be a kitten or an older cat do you think?

Also I looove your new avi, those purple roses are awesome.
My_Ashes Report | 08/13/2014 1:37 am
Hubby can deal with it! He benefits as well, cuddly fuzzy children are good for all!
My_Ashes Report | 08/13/2014 1:28 am
Oh yes, the passing of Robin Williams was a complete... blow. I had never ever been affected by the passing of a celebrity before, not in any personal way, but when I heard the news I was completely floored. I was a fan of his before I even knew what it was to be a fan! Just so heart breaking... and then to realize that while I loved his movies and cosidered myself a fan, I really knew nothing of him or his personal tribulations. Quite sad.

But a new House Lady would be good, for both you and the house! It never hurts to have more fuzzy babies! Just means more love.
My_Ashes Report | 08/12/2014 6:45 pm
I am so sorry to hear that! cry
Pets are such precious things... and thats so sad about your lonely little baby... I know it might be too soon, but have you considered maybe getting a new little one? If nothing else to comfort the sad little boy? sad
Are you doing okay? I mean... well I cant say that, when my dog who was with me for 16 years passed I was pretty much broken... but... you okay?
Slick Southpaw Report | 08/12/2014 9:49 am
Slick Southpaw
I something happened to one of her mantis babbies, I believe
shadowcattss Report | 08/11/2014 8:54 am
yeah =/
My_Ashes Report | 08/10/2014 3:46 pm
Is it pitiful that I am already plotting my Halloween look? I just have to figure out how to get Batty march and it will alllll pull together in adorable purple awesomeness.... no but seriously... is that pitiful?

Also... You look AWESOME! As per usual. how ya been sis?

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Remember: Staff and Moderators and Forum Assistants will NEVER ask for your password or personal info. They do not have to because they already have that info. Nor would they ever tell you what to change your passwords to for your account or e-mail.

Read ToS in sticky in SF for more details. Any pms you get from any user pretending to be a Staff or Forum assistants must be reported instantly.


I am a 52 year old Mom. I do get asked about this a lot and yes I do tell. People, however, do not always believe me. But oh well. I am just saying the truth. And no, I do NOT think I am too old. Neither do the other people on Gaia who are age 40 and over - even as old as 55 or so. Don't like it, too bad.
One is NEVER too old as long as as you are young at heart and can dream.
Anyway, I have a 24 year old son who is fresh out of college with a Master's degree, has job and working hard. (forgot to update this before till I got reminded I misspelled something)
I am also pretty cranky in the mornings when I first get up. I don't do mornings. Is usually why I am online and why I am on Gaia. However, I get REALLY cranky when people accuse me of things or deliberately try to pick a fight with me or say that I am too old to be here. Do these things and expect consequences. I will not be nice about it!

Read the following CAREFULLY:
When I am playing zOMG, I DO NOT want help unless I ask for it. That means I don't want your interference when I am killing animates. DO NOT crew me or friend me UNLESS YOU ASK ME FIRST!

Please DO NOT ask me for donations or to lend you gold and stuff. And
DO NOT BEG! I get annoyed with people who think I am rich. I paid with real money for some of my stuff, I earned the rest. Yes it takes a long time to earn stuff, but...
Newbies and youngins need to realize that they must earn like the rest of us. Jigsaw puzzles are pretty easy.
If I find you worthy, I may give you something. But this is a rare and random occasion. You must PROVE to me you are worthy! You must prove to me that you are working hard to earn what you want.
I have received a couple of donations and I have given. What goes around, comes around. If I give to you, you must be humbly thankful of receiving with the understanding that you in turn must give to someone else someday.

I also hate hackers and botters. I WILL report you if I encounter you. And don't even TRY to pretend that you are an Admin, a Dev or mod for Gaia! Send me a pm stating such WILL cause me to report you! I get annoyed easily when its early morning before coffee so don't do it!
Also it is wise if you don't even ask for gold for donations. You ARE taking a risk if you do because you don't know if its botted gold or not. Receiving botted gold WILL, in fact, get you perma banned just as buying it will. BOTTING IS AGAINST THE TOS RULES! Simple as that.

In our

time of

greatest need...

From within the Darkness,
Shines the Light.
Love, Faith, Hope,
In strength of might.
For a world to save, we must fight.

War has ended, all is done. Anger ebbs, peace has come.
One prevails, the other not. No joy from this, all distraught.
Both sides merging... amidst it all
A final lesson learned...
A quiet truce... at last...

TIME moves forward. Time heals all.
Life and Death in cycle come,
Hand in hand, in opposition
yet come together as in one
When rebirth comes in transition.

With an infinite number of possibilities, our ability to envision them is confined only by the limitations of our imaginations...
My voluptuous pose,
And my alluring gaze
Invites all men to my
poisonous lips and to their doom.

As long as you still know how to sing and dance
As long as you can laugh and smile
As long as you can still have fun

You are still a kid
No matter how "old" you become

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