Who youuuu ??


"Putting up high hopes may just pulls you down way beneath."

"Never lose your sense of wonders."

I am ..... someone.....

"Shall we go back where it all started and just stay there"

“Sometimes the hardest part isn’t letting go but rather learning to start over.”

"Falling in so easily will just end up hurting you more"

"Reading this post it just makes my heart tremble"

"I dont wanna think about you,
but my mind just seems to not listen to me"

"As much as I try, it just not working.
Slowly I hope it will fade."

"Shall I start a new beginning?"

"Those are just wonderful memories thats will always put a smile on my face , and I thank you for that"

"Back to reality with a smile , stay strong and head up! Thats the way"


Who youuuu ??

Nurul Levesque