ey it me, rhy!
I'm pretty neat, unless you're some lame-o.
people never get my humor tbh..
im joking 99.9% of the time
animals are my passion

also me

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more about me!
you can call me rhy, bun or num!
dirty hippie
20 y/o
i like all animals, fluffy stuff, making peeps laugh, making new friends, sweaters and pockets are an obsession.
i hate needles, haha irony. chocolate is gross. hypocrites fakes and backstabbers make me cringe. weebs make me wanna run away.
obviously white
british american
I love science and art.
ginger kid
dank memez

born and raised vegetarian
almost 5 ft tall
i play violin and guitar!
obsessed with indie rock.
satan is my bb
clumsy af

pets i own:
2 agouti-hooded rats. - Dumpling and Morty
R.I.P. Mochi 8/26/17
1 opossum - Rascal
1 gerbil - Jimmy
1 dog - Nini
5 teddy bear hamsters - Cashew, Donut, Cake, Muffin, and Waffle
1 cockatiel - Teetee
1 mouse - Hamtaro

(please kill me i obviously have hoarding problems)
(not including the pets in my household only the ones i care for)

My best friend irl and online is Animated Creature
She is my everything.

R.I.P Dad. September 29, 2013. 6:11 P.M.
You we're my everything, and the only reason i continue living, so you can be proud and see me pursue the dream you pushed me to go for ever since i was a little girl. -your princess. ♥