Hey guys, I hate to finally admit it, but I'm quitting Gaia. After Lanzer left, the direction Gaia went in was just miserable. Gaia cash ruined this site with the way it was hammered into every aspect of everything. Even POSTING has the option of inserting GC in order to better 'advertise' your post. The community is miserable, the marketplace is a wreck, and there just really isn't anything 'fun' about Gaia anymore. Overall I'm very disenchanted with the state of this website now, and I think it's time for me to move on.

As for my shop, I'm sorry but I'm afraid my dolls will no longer be available. However similar dolls are available through Naturelles shop. My Moon/Dansen/Thrusty dolls however will be discontinued as those are my own personal bases. If you REALLY want a doll, you can contact me outside of Gaia and pay me for a REAL LIFE commission. I may consider that.

Looking to find me outside of Gaia?
Casual Tumblr
Art Tumblr

Skype: ariamaarie (please provide a reason when you friend me)


Milks Notebook

Stuff :U



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I feel you, nuditea. Everything you wrote I can completely identify with. Basically, you add 3 0's to the end of any value from a year ago and that's what it costs now. :/ I used to also be a very active member of the minishops, but it's all just overrun with adoptables now and people trying to make a quick buck. It's really depressing, but I still want to stay because my friends haven't left yet and I'm still trying to quest for a couple of final items before I can be at peace lol that virtual money addiction haha

I hope you have fun elsewhere! ; u; or enjoy your life away from gaia I guess lool

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Very sorry to hear that ; u; but understandable
Thank you for responding so quickly~!

Is it cause of the inflation, if you dont mind me asking?

/commenting so your shop doesn't get bumped up xD
L n x s s

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L n x s s

xD I'm glad you like it and i think i saw ur shop?
idk i wanted to try out that chibi style so i picked 2 random ppl from the forums c:

L n x s s

Report | 12/23/2013 11:28 pm

L n x s s

hai : D
i randomly drew you (for sample pictures) so i thought i should show u (i can crop it for you if u want to keep it o 3 o)

ignore the writing >>;;

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My head is perfectly fine, Aria.
And no worries, this is normal~
We'll be there in no time!
So, do you like traveling?

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Woah woah woah!
DON'T touch it.
What did I say earlier about not touching anything without my permission? Boom!
I think we want to get some milkshakes, and not running off from monsters on a fiendish planet, right?
-pulls some levers-
The TARDIS can take us to different worlds, different times.
It's all very complicated and dangerous if you don't know what you're doing.
But it's all fine, nothing happened... I think.
Well, let's go to Korova V.3.
-pulls another lever and there's a shudder, a creak and a groan. With a shivering, juddering noise, the TARDIS dematerialises-

(I have to go bed now, work tomorrow DX
I'll reply back once I'm up again~)

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Nice to meet you, Aria!
And of course we're not finding any milkshakes inside the TARDIS itself. But we will there, where the TARDIS takes us.
I could tell you the name of that place, but it would say you nothings, since... it's not really around the corner.
It's the opposite of 'being around the corner'
-blinks and peeks out of the TARDIS after a moment-
... actually we'll get nowhere if you just stay there and accuse me of things.
I wouldn't try to fool you. It's just... Gallifreyan technology. There are no mirrors.
Anyway, you gotta trust me a bit here on this~
Let's get into the TARDIS!

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The name is just Doctor.
And I still don't know yours, by the way.
Oh yeah, milkshakes never hurt~ That's a relief too, isn't it?
I have a very special place in mind. For getting one, I mean.
Vanille, you said? That works too~
-twirls and heads to the TARDIS, opening the door-
Come on!

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I'm not that mad to tell someone that kitchens bite you, though.
Basically, they don't. I've never met a kitchen that does.
Did you?
I'm not a stranger. I've introduced myself already.
It was some kind of accident.
I mean, I landed the TARDIS perfectly, just not on the right place.
I did on the right place, but the wrong time, actually...
... and hard cookies can be deadly. Imagine someone throwing them out of a window!
I don't think you would do such a thing though.
So, do you like chocolate or strawberry?
... they have all kind of tastes there though, so you don't have to decide right away~
Ma Ajmala

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Ma Ajmala

I didnt think of that. I used the old profile layout xd


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Questing Raguel's Wings
******** it. I can't even keep track
of the item cost with the way the
gold economy tanks daily.