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saiyan xrichk18x chan Report | 10/01/2014 9:09 am
saiyan xrichk18x chan
great profile, hopefully you have some good items your working on mrgreen
Goddess Hylia Report | 09/30/2014 11:45 pm
Goddess Hylia
Crazy Cheshire Cat Report | 09/30/2014 5:21 pm
Crazy Cheshire Cat
Great new items in the shop Louie! Well done sir!
Ringmaster Child Report | 09/30/2014 5:16 pm
Ringmaster Child
When fall comes, the wind blows cold...

Love the new items louie! Next sink you have I'll have billions for you this time,

....my memories and heart turn cold with it as the pain settles in.
Furby0305 Report | 09/28/2014 12:54 pm
Hi Louie!
I drew a fanart for you a few weeks ago
User Image
Hope you like it heart
Eternal Saphire Report | 09/24/2014 10:17 pm
Eternal Saphire
You're so sexy Louie redface
Precious Savage Report | 09/24/2014 8:30 pm
Precious Savage
the science of sex appeal Report | 09/24/2014 7:51 pm
the science of sex appeal
hey bae
Naiyala Report | 09/24/2014 6:24 pm
Unacceptable! No extra tailors allowed! You've gotta drive yourself insane by making clothes for us. twisted
Thorz Report | 09/24/2014 2:16 pm
Edmund gonna be soooooooooooooo pissed of at you... you'd better start considering your place in the Von Helson Mansion, gonna be a paradise in comparision to the fit he'll throw at you...