hello all, introductions are on my s**t list so lets get this over with already! i’m going to make this an FAQ/about me page, cause why not.
where are you from?
i’m from southern california, near L.A., but i’m currently living in santa cruz, which is close to the bay area, and let me tell you, i am loving it so far!
you go to school? where?
yes i do! i’m a first year student at the university of california, santa cruz (UCSC) as a psychology major. if you happen to know about my school, here’s a bonus: i’m affiliated with porter college.
college student, so you’re about 18, right?
that’s right! i’m 18 years old and my birthday is on july 12.
so you say you’re a pokemon enthusiast?
i love pokemon! i’ve played almost every game released! and i think that my favortite generation would have to be generation 3. and favorite pokemon? well, there are waaay too many to name, but here are a few:
that’s cool, so what television shows do you like?
GAME OF THRONES, GAME OF THRONES, GAME OF THRONES, GAME OF THRONES, GAME OF THRONES, GAME OF THRONES, GAME OF THRONES, BIG BROTHER, The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, GAME OF THRONES, GAME OF THRONES, GAME OF THRONES. if you happen to blog a lot about these shows don’t hesitate to tell me and i’ll check out your blog!
uhhh, political views???
i’m more liberal than anything. I’m pro-choice, feminist, and equal rights supporter! Though I can say that the superficial “social justice” bloggers do annoy the hell out of me; i understand them and would agree if they weren’t so violent about it.
anything else?
if you really want to talk to me, ask me anything here, but really all you have to know is that i’m a smart guy from southern california. no more, no less. i love life, i love coffee, and i love myself.


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