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The King's pet Shifter♥
Art by: Dollicon
I tipped you Because:
-I like your avi-
-I like your siggy-
-I like what you said-


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No Hentai No Life Report | 11/03/2015 10:33 pm
No Hentai No Life
Aww thank you sorry if i didnt get back to you sooner i was busy but thank you so much and i like ur avi too heart
No Hentai No Life Report | 10/29/2015 2:09 pm
No Hentai No Life
Thank you! heart
Angelic Chibibelle Report | 10/27/2015 3:41 pm
Angelic Chibibelle
Which is very nice btw. smile
Angelic Chibibelle Report | 10/27/2015 7:30 am
Angelic Chibibelle
Thanks for buying! heart
The King of Sins Report | 10/18/2015 8:33 pm
The King of Sins

-Nuzzles the side of her neck.-

The King of Sins Report | 09/23/2015 10:08 am
The King of Sins

-Wolf whistles at her.-

The King of Sins Report | 09/21/2015 4:02 pm
The King of Sins

Hot Damn.
My Wife is a gorgeous lady.
-Steals a kiss.-

Forsaken_Dog Report | 09/21/2015 8:25 am
Your avatar is so sexy >.<

With her little smirk as she raise her hands up like that it looks like she's about to pounce on some juicy prey. It's made only better by the cat tail and ears.
Gadrick Knight Report | 08/24/2015 6:42 pm
Gadrick Knight
No problem, love. Enjoy. 3nodding
The King of Sins Report | 08/24/2015 6:36 pm
The King of Sins

Sexy avi



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