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Welcome!to my store............. i need money so i am selling them.... redface
i am in love with a girl 4laugh and have to gift her something soon and i still need 100k...... gonk
until then please by and give me money{game money}....... rolleyes


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I worked hard for them

  • Lawn Gnome Clipper[122]
  • Lawn Gnome Mower[123]
  • Pink Flamingo Fighter[125]
  • Mushroom Cannon Thumper[128]
  • Gnoman's Land[222]
  • Barton 3[251]


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Birthday: 09/01

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short summary of my life

My name is Nouah MAXIMUS....i am in collage:sweat:.....
I like to play games,destroy things,burn,fight but i for some reason hate love but again love it again:sweat:.....
I am scared of high places and dark rooms....
I have a girlfriend who is lillyliover96:heart:smilies/icon_heart.gif......
I mostly staty online at nights.....smilies/icon_xp.gif I never like to sleep:wink:
I read alot of manga and anime and watch them also.....
My mom and dad die before i was 12T_TT_TT_TT_T.......
I am a new man and I am 17 only a few months till i am 18 in 2013's sep 1st...smilies/icon_cool.gif
I like to talk and sometimes i argue about pathetic things like ur gay or lesbian..acsent etc.....
I'll tell u more when we meet....

UNTIL THEN........................
P.s:my catch phrase is SUP....smilies/icon_blaugh.gif

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missed life

a time that i have missed while i was gone...things i couldn't see and things that i couldn't attend...the person i loved and the things i've lost and the fun times i had while i didn't miss

people say about me

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lillyliover96 Report | 09/03/2013 1:29 am
Hey according to a thing I read today is your birthday so happy b-day! biggrin
xxTickleMyEmoFags Report | 01/01/2013 9:11 pm
LOL nvm it's fine dude thanks again
xxTickleMyEmoFags Report | 01/01/2013 8:58 pm
art arena elementry school one
xxTickleMyEmoFags Report | 01/01/2013 8:53 pm
Thanks man
i laughed when i read your comment
Xmoonlit_princesskatiouX Report | 12/31/2012 8:10 pm
nothing much, just a little upset crying
Prince Marthmellow Report | 12/31/2012 7:14 pm
Prince Marthmellow
Okie-dokie! Same goes for you! ^_^-
Prince Marthmellow Report | 12/31/2012 6:41 pm
Prince Marthmellow
My X-Mas wasn't very exciting. I was just taking care of my baby sister... sweatdrop
lillyliover96 Report | 12/31/2012 2:01 pm
I have brown hair sweatdrop .
P.S. If I seem rather distant it's just me being sick xp .
Xmoonlit_princesskatiouX Report | 12/30/2012 6:10 pm
Hey heart
Miss BeII Report | 12/30/2012 1:44 pm
Miss BeII
Thank you for the gifts ^^

I like what i see

I know love:heart: as I have known hate:evil:.....
I know laughter smilies/icon_blaugh.gif as i have felt crying smilies/icon_crying.gif
I know happiness smilies/icon_biggrin.gif as I have seen sadness:cry: ....
I know nature:cat_biggrin: as I know friends emotion_smilies/icon_brofist.gif.......

I am a man who weathered the weather but still loves to dance in the rain......
I love nature,beauty,people,friends,special ones and everyone.....
I live my life to the fullest....smilies/icon_exclaim.gifsmilies/icon_exclaim.gifsmilies/icon_exclaim.gif

!!!!!!!!!!!!!eye smilies/icon_heart.gif my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



my ride which i don't like

Meet-up and Rally



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Full name: Nouah Maximus
Age:17 and 8 months old
Scars:Mostly on the back.....1 "X" in the middle with a few claw scratch marks with a lightning type scar on the left eye part.....
Single yes
eye colour:blue with a green highlight
hair colour and style:yellow(blonde)with a minato type hair in the winter and naruto type in the summer
likes:anime and things