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I Pikachoose You Report | 08/19/2016 5:09 pm
I Pikachoose You
proud of you ~ blaugh
I Pikachoose You Report | 08/18/2016 1:07 pm
I Pikachoose You
Youll get there soon! Ill go grind on lake kindred for you shouldnt take THAT long just gotta kill Sycamorte a bunch.
I Pikachoose You Report | 08/18/2016 12:31 pm
I Pikachoose You
You going for the kin or the item?
I Pikachoose You Report | 08/17/2016 8:37 pm
I Pikachoose You
Kinpi!!! Its the item that the kindred drops at level ten. If it wasnt so expensive j wouldve bought you one~
I Pikachoose You Report | 08/16/2016 6:37 pm
I Pikachoose You
jrasdan Report | 08/01/2016 8:31 pm
Hello Nothing whee
Almithara Report | 06/01/2016 8:28 pm
You are a true genius with the username/profile and a tease.
ArukadoFarenhaitsuTepeshu Report | 04/22/2016 8:54 pm
LoL Yeah, I'm excited about it's return too.
ArukadoFarenhaitsuTepeshu Report | 04/21/2016 4:27 pm
LoL I see. Yeah, Joel did a Kickstarter fund raiser for it last November.
ArukadoFarenhaitsuTepeshu Report | 04/20/2016 10:46 pm
I said MST3k is coming back!